My present life...

I have begun the process of packing up our house. Not the most fun I have ever had.

On the up side I AM feeling a lot better. Not 100% but I no longer feel like I am dying so that is a good thing.

The boys are freaked right out by the boxes and the talk of moving. Aiden keeps negotiating with me about who we can bring with us. I keep telling him we will be taking ourselves and Grandma our cat Shadow and Grandma's cat Cleo but everyone else has to stay here. He thinks that is a pretty bad idea. He is also VERY concerned about me packing his stuff. I haven't packed a single thing of his yet (I'm not that dumb) but he still needs to check every single box just to make sure it doesn't contain ANYTHING that is his.

I haven't quite figured out how we'll get his stuff packed but I am thinking I will leave it until the end... just to save my sanity.

Owen has agreed to move because there is an indoor pool there. He brought me his swimsuit and googles today and told me we could leave now. I told him we weren't leaving for days and days and I had to pack up ALL of our stuff first. He then questioned me about how LONG we would be there. I explained we would be LIVING there for a LONG time in a different house. He suggested we go there for part of the time to go swimming but come back and sleep here. I reminded him about the zillion hour van ride it took to get there so he then suggested we move the pool here instead.

Olivia would like to sit in the boxes instead of letting me pack them. She also finds taking things OUT of unattended boxes to be very enjoyable. Not so helpful to me.

And my head is still pounding. No throwing up though. YAY!!!

There have been several bouts of tears and tantrums already since we told the boys we are moving... and I am guessing there will be a lot more. Sigh.

I just keep reminding myself that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.



Oma aka Meme said…
praying for you-re sick
and packing too- I am not up to either one -
I hope you have a blessd move
hugs Meme
Jenera said…
Having just moved last week I feel your pain. We had to find a place and move within a week so it was rough. the only thing i had going for me was that my boys are still little enough to not quite get it.

I hope it all goes smoothly for you-and the kids!
Amanda Daybyday said…
I can't believe you're packing already! Well, I guess I can...if I think about it...I would be too. It just seems so quick to me being so far away. And it will be OK. Better even. Eventually. Praying for you guys!
Amy & Jared said…
Praying for you and this transition! If I was closer I'd help you pack. Love you lots!
Christina said…
Christina - - I recently won a book at your site (the first time I had ever come to it, also!) and was perusing it again and just wanted to tell you how much good you do for other people. The books you review are very diverse and not even perhaps books one would expect from a pastor's wife, and I laud you for that! Dealing with a recently diagnosed Asperger's autism child is difficult in itself (although better diagnosed than not!); I have a partner who I'm certain has Asperger's (won't go to be diagnosed but has ALL the traits, besides having dyslexia which he constantly tests for and is told he doesn't have, but has all those traits also! - There are 150 types of dyslexia and you can have any combination, which can explain why he doesn't test well for it, and besides that he's older, and dyslexia was little-known when he was growing up, and it's best to learn the tricks for it when young). As they grow older these individuals can be very difficult because they appear more self-involved and "colder" than other people, so I sympathize with you. And now you have to MOVE! Difficult for anyone but gypsies!
So just take it bit by bit, and feel that whatever you do is enough for the time, and remember, as I told you in the beginning, just through this site you do so much for so many people - you certainly made ME feel special! Thanks and good luck!
kailani said…
I think once you're settled in your new place and the kids make new friends, everyone will be fine.

Hope you're feeling better soon!
shoz said…
Hey Girlfriend, I am glad you are moving and that there is something new and exciting that God has to show you. Take it from someone who knows all about moving, as you know, kids are resilient and they will get through this. Even Aiden. I know that this will be especially difficult on him but I also know that he had a great mom and dad and whole family for that matter who will help him through this. Just keep talking about it and reassuring him that this is going to be ok, maybe even really good. I am praying for you and commiserating while I have to pack my boxes too.

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