Indoor Picnic

The boys did not have school today (a PD day of some sort) and at lunch time Owen wanted to do something special... he asked if we could have a picnic in the living room. It was very cute. He went and got his Lightning McQueen blanket from his room and he and Aiden spent several minutes smoothing it all out flat. Olivia thought we should have more blankets and dragged a couple comforters out too.

Then Owen took me into the kitchen and informed me what to make for the picnic.

We had carrots, apples, cheese, hot dogs without buns, peanut butter sandwiches cut into triangles (this was a key step because apparently you have triangle sandwiches on picnics) and then we had ice cream floats for dessert.

I failed to get a decent picture... the boys just looked at me and rolled their eyes when I told them I wanted to take a picture. Olivia ignored me completely.

It would seem I take too many pictures of them... according to Aiden anyway. He said "Moooommm, we are just eating lunch you know!!". I told him I knew that and wanted a picture anyway. He said "fine" with a sort of disgusted sigh. And that lovely photo is the result. They really were having fun even though they refused to smile nicely for the picture :)

Unfortunately for them I have no intention of putting the camera away anytime soon :)


Oma aka Meme said…
what a wonder memory- you all made

I am going to try this with
the grand kids when the come next-

hugs from Meme
Nessa said…
What a great idea! Those simple, fun things make the best memories! I still remember fondly when my grandma would make me a tent of sheets in her living room.

I've tagged you with the bookworm meme! Come on over if you'd like to play along!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Fun! We've got a PD day tomorrow too. Maybe we should do something like that! When we were in the big city this weekend, we went to the science center and checked out the Lego exhibit. And the boys loved it! And I'd forgotten my stinking camera at home!!! What a shame.
Heidi said…
Looks like fun, can I join next time?! My older kids hate pics too... I think its an older kid thing once they hit 6 they don't like pics any more. Before that you couldn't get them away, the second the camera came out it was like they were glued to the camera screen.
Jenera said…
What a cute idea!

Right now my boy still loves having his picture taken but I know that will change. Our dog has only been with us a month and he's already tired of the camera in his face though.

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