Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us

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Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.

We are doing absolutely nothing to celebrate. But we are ok with that.

There is just far too many stressful things going on in our life right now and the best we can seem to do is to just watch some tv together. Neither of us have the energy, time or money to plan anything more.

Instead we are going to try and save up to do something fun for our 10th anniversary next year.

I love you Doug. You are exactly the right husband for me. I am proud of you. I think you are a wonderful husband and father. Plus you're cute.

So here's to our 9 years together and to MANY more years to come.

And out it all comes

Pin It I was messaging with my bloggy friend SarcasticMom the other day. She had asked a very insightful question on her blog about censoring ourselves in our writing that I have been thinking about ever since. She has also come up with a brilliant idea that you can check out. Anyway, all this got me thinking about what the purpose of my blog is and why I blog and I had to admit that YES I DO censor myself a whole lot on this blog and that is not the way I want it to be.

I haven't always had to censor as much. I've always been careful to not talk about anything I wouldn't say in real life. There has been nothing on here that I wouldn't show people who know me in real life.

But after I shared THIS and I wrote THIS post, and THIS other one, and THIS one, and HERE, HERE, and HERE.... I got into SO much trouble that every time I start to write something from my heart I stop and just put a lovely picture of my kids up instead. At one point I was sent unkind emails and I was even discussed at a meeting -without my husband or I present- about my blog being behaviour "unbecoming of a pastor's wife and misrepresenting the church". At this point I must say that I KNOW this is a minority of people. I know for sure that one person did his level best to defend me and tell them the conversation was inappropriate and that they should be talking to me. But he was ignored.

Apparently if I am honest it makes others look bad. They believe that my depression reflects poorly on Jesus and our financial struggles reflect poorly on the church. That's not true you know.

And as angry as that makes me and as much as I think their attitudes misrepresent Christ I love my husband I have been trying valiantly to keep my trap shut so he doesn't get in trouble.

The thing is I offered to talk to these people in person. I invited them to ask ME questions and tell ME their concerns. I even offered to take them through my blogging process, to show them how it works and who reads it etc. They didn't even respond to me. The simply had their hurtful meeting, sent their unkind emails and then carried on with their day. While leaving me in shambles.

I wonder how they would feel if there was a meeting discussing them or their wives at length and they were not allowed to attend. I bet they'd be mad. I bet they would point out how unbiblical it is to do that. I bet they would be filled with righteous indignation at how WRONG it is. But I guess since I am the pastor's wife it is ok to be cruel and unacceptable for my husband to be angry.

And yes, obviously I am going to get in trouble yet again about this post but at this point I don't really care. Bring it on. Because you know what? God is ok with me speaking honestly. I have not ever maligned anyones character, I have never used people's names, I have not named where we live or specifically what church we work for. In fact in ALL the posts where I got in trouble I was only talking about ME. Myself and I. My problems. My issues. My stress.

I can't continuously keep everything bottled up inside. It makes me physically ill. I am impatient with my husband. I am impatient with my children. I start to blame God for things that aren't His fault at all. This blog and my ability to share my heart and write out my feelings and get feedback from KIND people is what keeps me sane.

And so I will continue to be me. To share how I really feel. And yes, I totally agree I should not gossip about other people- on my blog or in my real life. I have not done so and I don't plan on starting. I have never claimed to be perfect and I state right out front that this blog is just about MY imperfect opinions and MY imperfect heart. Imperfect being the whole point.

So before you print this off and show it angrily to others, before you start talking about me behind my back under the guise of being concerned about my well being, before you start calling my husband with your anger... stop and ask yourself one thing- do you have that right? Is that ok with God? Because I bet the answer would be no. If you have a problem with me you can talk to ME about it. No one else. I have left the comments open to anonymous commenters so if you don't have the courage to talk to me openly then you can leave your comment on this post and I will never know who wrote it.

And for those of you not married to a pastor, to those of you who don't work in a church, please remember that your pastor and his wife are just human. They have feelings. Don't do anything to them that you wouldn't want done to yourself. That's not my rule. That's Jesus' rule.

How's that for speaking my heart?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly Winners

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The first three pictures are of Olivia stealing her friend Karter's toy tools from him at his birthday party.

He was less than impressed!
Later in the week Olivia climbed right into the tub with Owen - fully clothed, diaper and all!
Owen thought it was hilarious. Olivia couldn't figure out why I insisted on taking her soggy diaper off!
For more Weekly Winners go to

Because I clearly haven't joined enough yet

Pin It I started a friend feed for those of you interested in that sort of thing... you can find me at

I had no idea I was such a joiner!

In the last year I've joined facebook, flikr, picasa, twitter, and now friend feed, just to name a few!

Apparently I am feeling the need for social interaction amongst my peers... but only peers in internet land... not people I ACTUALLY see in person. It is the perfect social interaction for an introvert!!! If I don't feel like being social I can simply walk away from my computer and when I have had my time away - voila- there you all are again waiting inside my favourite box ever.

I really love my computer.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why NOT mom?

Pin It Today was a beautiful day and my sons decided to play in the sprinkler...fully clothed...
Aiden even left his socks on!
"I took off my shoes mom!"
Olivia helped Grandma in the garden.
And I am still just trying to figure out what exactly I am doing these days anyway!

Friday, July 25, 2008

How come only BOYS get to do that?

Pin It So I was going to give my daughter a bath and I took of her clothes and diaper.

I went to throw the diaper away and when I turned around my DAUGHTER was TOTALLY standing at the toilet trying to pee into it LIKE A BOY!!!!

It took me a second to figure out what she was trying to do but then I sat her down on the potty and she said "no no no no no" and stood up again in the peeing-boy position.

I wonder how long it will take her to realize girls can't pee standing up?

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye

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My husband took these pictures while he and the boys waited in the van for Olivia and I- she got her 18 month shots yesterday and fared like the angel she is.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three Cheers for Washable Markers

Pin It This is what I found in my living room today...
Hey Olivia, what are you doing?

Funny girl.
Where did you get the markers Olivia?
Ah ha! You had some help I see...

Why are you drawing on your sister Owen?

Oh, I see... you were teaching her how to be a ninja.
Of course. I should have known.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Winners

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Lotus from Sarcastic Mom is hosting Weekly Winners where we post our favourite pictures for the week.

Here are mine!
My son AidenMy sons studying a treasure in the grass
The treasure was a tiny mushroom
Owen taking a good long look
Daddy being a goof
Olivia acting like her brothers with her hand down her pants!
Olivia playing in the sprinkler

Owen loving up our neighbours super friendly cat Buffy.

Olivia completely zonked out with daddy.
These are my favourite pictures of our garden from this week...

Our lovely tomato plant

My broccoli
These are a weed, a nasty weed actually but I think they are pretty.

The apples have started to grow

Purple Pretty
My most favourite summer treat- sweet peas.

And scrumptious raspberries
Yellow lovelies

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