Friday, February 29, 2008

For THIS I am thankful

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I love you my family. You are my safe haven. I am so very thankful for you all.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aiden's debut video

Pin It First of all I must say that there are a LOT of things I LOVE about living in a small town. Really. I love that I live a block from the school, a block from church, and if my kid runs away from either place (as has happened before one, two, three, four, five times) he can get home on his own (he is only 5) safely. And if he got lost (hard to do in a block but you never know) he could stop and ask pretty much anyone and they would help him.

I love that there is like a zero percent crime rate... well, serious crimes anyway. The only guns here are used for hunting wildlife. If your vehicle gets stuck in a snow bank someone will ALWAYS help you willingly. If no one happens to be driving by someone will likely get all dressed up in their winter clothes and come outside JUST to help you. Really. People are very kind here and they help each other out for the most part.

I love the quiet. I really do. There is no traffic sounds. No sirens. Just lovely quiet. When we lived in Hamilton we lived on the 13th story of a MASSIVE apartment building (big enough to house our entire town now) and the traffic and sirens were a constant back drop.

I just DON'T love the limited shopping and pathetic entertainment venues.

And I must admit that my somewhat reclusive self doesn't always enjoy the fact that pretty much everyone knows everything.

And it is awfully cold here for a very long time.

But other than that it's not bad. Really. I just get "cabin fever" now and then and want to escape.

On an unrelated topic my daughter is growing up and sometimes I could almost weep about it. I don't really know why except that she is my last baby and I want to hold on to her as long as I can!

She looked so darn cute in this little outfit. But it sure made her look more like a toddler and less like a baby!
But don't worry, she is still my sweet baby girl. She would like to be held pretty much ALL the time (day and night). And I am mostly ok with that.
Olivia wanted to try Daddy's camera....
It's a little big for her I think! But I let her take a picture on my digital point and shoot and this is it...
Not bad for a first try!

And now for something truly wonderful... my son Aiden wanted to tell you all a story.... so here it goes...


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Pin It I must tell you all that TV is really letting me down these days.

I watched an old re-run of Gilmore Girls the other day and it almost made me cry (pathetic I know). I really miss that show!

And I haven't seen a new episode of House or CSI in ages. Perhaps that is just because my daughter interrupts all my attempts at TV time but I honestly haven't been able to find any of my shows on lately! No ER. No Gray's Anatomy. I am not enjoying American Idol... the auditions were funny but after that it's just not capturing my attention.

It's just not fair.

I mean it's not like I go to movies, or to the theatre, or symphony, or ANYTHING that would require me to look half decent. Our theatre in town plays one movie and it smells like mold and rotting junk food. It isn't even a cheap theatre. And we have no decent rental places either. There is one dvd rental place and it has a dreadful selection and high prices.

Our town's restaurant's are just plain icky. I mean really gross.

The closest thing to the symphony is watching the lady who plays violin at church on Sunday.

But I guess small town life-drama could pass for some sort of theatrical event. In a sad, lame kind of way. And there is plenty of people talking about other people if that entertains you and if you aren't bothered by ignoring the whole "don't gossip" aspect of Christianity.

And what is with the never ending winter! Even if I WANTED to go somewhere it would require driving for HOURS over ice encrusted tundra in sub-zero temperatures watching the riveting scenery of frozen fields zoom by on either side of our giant frozen van listening to the sounds of my bickering sons and unhappy daughter echoing in my ears. And then we would not only have to pay for the tickets to a cultural event of some kind(with our non-existent money) but we would have to spend half our pay cheque on gas to get to the closest city.

Tragic really.

And you think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.

This really is my life here.

On the up side I watched a very funny re-run of Just for Laughs and I have decided that comics are among my favourite people on the planet. Laughter really is good for the soul.

On Sunday a German film crew came to our church because they were filming a couple who has recently emigrated from Germany to our teensy weensy little town. I have no idea why they chose here but they did. So this film crew is making some sort of German reality show about them and followed them to church on Sunday. It caused quite the stir. So if you happen to be in Germany and you see my little town on your TV then you will know I am not making any of this up!

My son did really well at school today. He didn't run away and he got 8/10 happy faces for good behaviour. I am proud of him.

My mom is considering moving in to our house. We would have to make a space for her in our basement... which is presently the play room. But she would still use the kitchen and bathroom upstairs. She turns 65 on March 6th and is considering if she should keep working or not. It might not be worth it since she works at our local grocery store and doesn't make that much money anyway.

The reason for moving in would be financial. She is having a hard time making ends meet because the cost of living is rather high here, especially for seniors. And we are having trouble meeting ends meet too. So perhaps it would be better to combine.

None of us are sure this would be a good idea. We are praying about it. But honestly it might not really be an option for long. We might just have to do it.

Well... that is enough of my random musings for one night I think!


Pin It I love school.

The boys returned to school after a week long break and I must say it was lovely. I cleaned my living room, tidied the kitchen, picked a whole bunch of STUFF up and generally made the house look presentable. I also had a nice visit with my friend Cecile and her sweet baby boy. It is amazing what you can do with two less kids running around.

I read an exceptionally funny article today called Embrace the Clutter by Anne Hines at Today's Parent .com. Read it. You'll like it.

My bloggy friend Jeri also posted an absolutely hilarious post that you MUST read. I laughed so hard I woke Olivia up. And it was worth it.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Pin It My sons really love jumping on my bed. I know I am not supposed to let them do this but I do anyway. They have so much fun and they entertain themselves for ages giving me some much needed down time.

I found this very entertaining article called Caring for Your Introvert. There is another follow up article called Introverts of the World, Unite! Both are written by Jonathan Rauch. I really enjoyed both articles as they are not only true, but funny too. Very enjoyable.

I have a lot going on in my mind the past couple days. But none of it is coherent enough to write down yet. When I am thinking through things I sometimes forget to talk to people. And I have a dreadful headache that is now on like day 8 or something. Which makes me even less social.

I had a complete breakdown over my weight last night. And this morning I had a complete meltdown over how fast Olivia is growing up. I don't want to let her "babyhood" go. Which is a problem because I am reluctant to give up breastfeeding and therefore can't change my medications which means my weight will continue to be a struggle.

Sucks to be me.

I'm not depressed today. Just tired of thinking in circles.

But here are some cute pictures of Olivia which always make me smile...

Friday, February 22, 2008


Pin It Earlier today I made a post about my sons drawing on themselves and Colleen commented:
"Oh, boys, aren't they great? Hilarious! At least they wrote on themselves and not the walls."

Well lo and behold what did my husband find when he went downstairs today?

Aiden explained that he was writing "hieroglyphics"...
I'm just impressed that he KNOWS that word.

Aiden... the budding muralist/artist/scientist?

My days

Pin It My husband says that I am addicted to blogging.

He is right.

I love it. It is totally keeping me sane.

Not to mention the fact that I have a TERRIBLE memory and blogging keeps me from forgetting the wonderful moments of my days. Honestly my days seem to blur together. When I try to think WHAT I actually DID the day before or the week before I have a hard time remembering. But then I can look at my blog and voila! there it is! Love it.

I have felt really sad over how little I remember from when my boys were Olivia's age. I barely remember anything. I had serious post partum depression, massive sleep deprivation, incredible upheaval in our lives and it was all I could do to get through my days, never mind remember them! I am so grateful that my husband took so many pictures and that he has such a wonderful memory otherwise it would all just be one sad blur.

So bear with me while I share my days with you all...

My boys were playing downstairs while I put Olivia down for her nap. When they came back up this is what they showed me...

I'm not entirely sure what they were trying to BE but they sure were proud of themselves.
Aiden told me that he drew a spaceship on Owen's back.
This is Aiden showing Owen how to look brave...
I am pretty sure the whole point of the exercise was to convince me that fighting is cool.Good luck boys!

Even after I gave them a bath you could still see where they had coloured on themselves. Gotta love my boys.

Precious Art

Pin It My husband shared on his Flikr account that when he got up with my son this morning at 6am Aiden made some "cards" for me and the others in our household. Aiden loves art and he is just learning how to write words and I am so proud of him.

This is a card he made for Olivia...And here is the one he made for me- notice that it says "I love you forever" in his own handwriting? My heart just melts with this kid!
And here is a card Owen made for me yesterday- he even wrote "mom" all by himself after I told him the letters!
Precious moments people!

Outside fun

Pin It My sons played outside this morning since it is only -12 degrees Celsius (which is 10 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends). Olivia and I were watching them play out our front window. And yes... we still have some of our Christmas lights up. We don't turn them on though!

When it warmed up the other day the boys made a snowman (you can just see it beside Owen). The tragic part about living here is that we have TONS of snow and NONE of it is any good for making snowmen or snowballs. It is too dry and cold here so the snow can't stick together. Sad isn't it? The boys always want to make snowmen because they see them on TV and in books and stuff so we do try but they are pathetic attempts at best.
Owen loves to eat snow. So does Aiden. It is a good thing we live where most of the snow is still clean and white and not filled with dirt!
Shadow the cat played with the boys outside. Yesterday he brought us a "present" in the form of a dead bird which he left by our door. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture. My only question is what on earth are birds still doing here? It is FAR too cold here to live outside. Why didn't they fly south?

Aiden is the hardest to convince to go outside but once he goes he usually has a lot of fun.
Olivia really wanted to go out too. She brought me socks (from the boys dirty pile) and Owen's toque (knitted cap for my American friends)...
I love this toque because it is a "Strawberry". Owen loved the first one his grandma got him so much that she got him a bigger size so he could still wear one this year.
Those toques are so hard to get on!

Here is Olivia grinning at her brothers coming back inside. She really loves those brothers of hers!

Laundry Haters 'R' Us

Pin It I have completely fallen off the laundry wagon... I was doing REALLY well, keeping up, doing a couple loads per day... my laundry room floor was clear... and then it all fell apart.

Here is my laundry room now....
The floor is full of dirty clothes. And the sad part is that there is MORE laundry in a pile outside my bedroom door...
Tragic isn't it?

And I was doing so well.

Oh well.

Mommy Knows is having a laundry challenge at her blog. Go see!
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