Really? Still?

I'm so discouraged. Here we are 2 days before Christmas and all three of my babies are sick. We have all completed our various prescriptions. I am doing much better. I THOUGHT Aiden was better but his fever is back and he is coughing again today. I also thought Olivia was getting better but she is still not herself at all. And poor Owen never even started to get better. He has just consistently gotten worse.

So here is how my babies are spending today...

Huddled up in comfy jammies, alternating between freezing cold and burning hot. I have administered the tylenol and I am hoping Owen's fever comes down because 103 is just not good.


Judy said…
Oh, Tara.

I remember those years.

And, if I don't make it back here, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

It's possible. They could all be better by then.
Colleen said…
Oh, I hope you all feel miraculously better by Christmas Day... Take Care.
And Happy birthday too Tara!
Ooooh, the stuff has hit all around here too-- they call it the vomiting bug and the kids run a high fever. I am praying for you that it passes quickly!!

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