Happy 2nd Birthday to Olivia

Today is Olivia's 2nd birthday. We had a little party for her last night with a few friends. It was fun. And no. I can't believe my baby is two already. And yes. I do know I said that already. :)

Doug and I along with Grandma Patricia gave Olivia this adorable kitchen for her birthday. This picture was taken this morning after she first woke up and immediately started playing with it. She has pretty much played with it all day.
Unfortunately we are ALL sick. Aiden actually FELL ASLEEP at his desk at school today. Poor kid. Olivia and Owen and I are hacking out lungs. And since Doug stayed up half the night assembling that beautiful kitchen he is exhausted today.

ya. good times. :)


Dee said…
Aww! Happy Birthday sweet girl! And I hope ya'll feel better soon!!!
Shelley said…
Happy birthday to Olivia!!

Hope you all get better soon!
Shelley said…
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Mistress Meeyee said…
Happy Birthday cutie little Olivia!!!Sorry your babies have not been well. I wish they would get well in a hurry!
Girls are so fun to buy presents for, aren't they? Sorry you are all sick when you're trying to celebrate her birthday.
kelle said…
Happy Birthday Olivia!! Hope you all feel better soon!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Happy birthday sweet little girl!
Colleen said…
Happy Birthday to Olivia! Cute Dora cupcakes! :o)
I hope you all feel better soon! Like TOMORROW!
Cascia said…
She is cute! I hope she had a great birthday.
Happy Birthday to her :o)
I hope she had a great day

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