My brother-in-law and his lovely wife are here visiting us for the day in honour of Olivia's 2nd birthday. Right now they are out sledding with the boys. Aiden is feeling a LOT better... he is still not out of the woods and likely will need a fair amount of medicine after being outside today... but you can't keep a kid cooped up in the house forever.

Unfortunately the rest of us have now caught his cold. Olivia is feeling miserable and Owen and I also have it. Doug claims to be invincible but I don't believe it.

Tomorrow night is Olivia's birthday party. Monday is her actual birthday. I can't believe my baby is two. Man that went fast.


el Maggie said…
Ha ha - it seems like just yesterday you were writing "I can't believe my baby is one."
Oh, get better soon Tara's family!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!!!!!

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