Christmas gifts from the boys

The boys' school had a "Store of Giving" this year where families donated stuff for the store that the kids could buy (for a quarter) for their families. The boy's loved it and brought us home the cutest gifts. They were technically supposed to wrap them up and put them under the tree for us but they just couldn't wait. :)

Owen got me this lovely towel rack for the bathroom... which we actually really needed!

Owen got Doug this lovely picture with a naked baby painting :)
Aiden got Olivia a Dora bath towel, grandma and I scarves, and Daddy a movie...
Oh, and he also got himself goggles :)
Owen was so excited to give us our gifts. He also bought Doug brand new purple (women's size 9) socks. It really was so cute to watch his excitement!
I love my sons! They are just so darn cute!


Natalie said…
what a great idea to have a store like that for the kids to shop for their families. i am loving the presents you all got!
Amanda Daybyday said…
That's awesome! What a great thing for your school to do. I love the towel really is nice...and that he thought to buy it (so sweet). Did the towels come with it too?
Amber said…
Your kids really are adorable!
Amanda said…
How fun Tara. Your boys are just too cute. What thoughtful youngmen they are turning into

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