Birthday cake a couple days late

As most of you know my birthday was on Christmas Day but with all the festivities we decided to postpone my birthday cake for another less-turkey-filled day! So today I got to enjoy my children singing happy birthday to me and the lovely angel food cake my mother got for me. Yum!

33 is sort of a non-descript age isn't it? I don't feel any different. But if I manage to live to be 99 (which is highly unlikely) then one third of my life is over. If I live to be 66 then half my life is over. Weird. But I don't mind getting older... well... most of the time anyway.

We are all still sick.

We are heading out on a trip next week and I am SOOO hoping we are all healthy by then. It will not be fun travelling with three sick kiddos.


Jennifer said…
Happy, happy Birthday!!! And I hope you get some good health soon!
Cascia said…
Happy belated Birthday, Tara! I hope you and your family start to feel better soon. That cake looks yummy!
kelle said…
Happy Birthday Tara! And Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is feeling better.
Natalie said…
Happy Birthday fellow Christmas baby! I didn't even feel old til you made me think about a third of my life being over!
jamaise said…
Wow! My birthday is on Christmas Day too! & I turned 33 this year! How weird - Happy Birthday to us!

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