Where NOT to shop

I had a dreadful experience Christmas shopping today. My husband and my three kids and myself visited our the local Bargain shop and after spending awhile dodging the piles of stock in boxes stacked in aisles shopping my 5 year old son Owen informed me he had to go to the bathroom.

We approached the 3 sales clerks who were standing at the cash register chatting with each other instead of putting stock away and we were informed that it is their policy NOT to allow customers to use the bathroom. They suggested I take my son home to go pee.

The store is located at the end of our main street, not in some mall with public washrooms. So our options were limited to traipsing up and down main street in search of another bathroom in below freezing weather or go home.

So I did what I had to do, we abandoned our cart full of Christmas goodies and went home. Luckily Owen was able to hold it and we made it home without any accidents.

Maybe where you live it is common practise to not allow customers to use the bathrooms but I've NEVER had that happen to me in the almost 7 years I've been a parent. Seriously. Who looks at a child doing the pee pee dance and says "no, you can't use our bathroom" ????

I found it not only rude to tell me to take my child home but a seriously dumb business move. You think I will take my kids shopping there again? Not a chance. I have three kids ages 6 and under... someone ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom when we are out.

So to you Bargain Shop... bad manners and bad policy I say.

We will just have to find somewhere a little more family friendly to shop next time.


Anonymous said…
Unbelievable. It must be a power-tripper; if it is store policy it is insane. Here in Vancouver, that policy is mostly in neighborhoods with a lot of homeless people - also a stupid move. I have never heard of a child refused. Room for improvement; shine on

G. on the Coast
Shelley said…
I have come across stores that have had "no customers using the bathroom" policy, but they have been in stores in the mall. However, even if they have that policy, if they see a kid who's doing the dance...you'd think they'd let the child go and avoid a possible "spill on aise 3" to have to clean up. Lucky for them your son could hold it...
That IS bad news! If I lived anywhere close to you, your word would be enough to keep me from going there. My mother once told me that it is against the law for a place to turn you away from the bathroom-- I don't know how true it is, but it'd be great to know for the next time you meet store clerks from hades.
Oh wow! That is awful. When I worked at the bank it was normal policy to not let customers use the bathroom because it was a security risk. But we did break the rules for the same situations...mom with her child who REALLY needs to go. We would just have to escort them there (the bathroom was in the basement with some conference rooms) and then wait to escort them back upstairs.

We just got a Bargain Shop in our town that had its grand opening this week. Hopefully they aren't as rude and ignorant as the ones where you live. Yikes. Really bad business move for them.
Heather said…
That was totally rude! I have been in stores that have had that policy, but still allowed my child to go, especially when doing the potty dance! Sorry to hear that you had such trouble!
The other down fall to this type of behavior from a store is that mom bloggers tell each other and that is not be good for business either. But I guess they were too busy chatting to remember that, weren't they
Glad you made it home!
CatEyesJackie said…
This is an awful... "policy" that they have... when it was the Saan store it was the same way.. I think it sucks...

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