Monday, November 03, 2008

Our "new" deck

Pin It This weekend we took a rather large delivery...

our "new to us" deck arrived thanks to our friend Jonathan and his willing helpers :)

Honestly I had no idea it was even possible to just pick up a deck.
But I now have picture proof that it can in fact be done!
Here is my sweet husband something or another that is very important to installing our new deck. Even though I have no idea what it was I'm sure it was vital.

The men needed to discuss... stuff... and whatnot.

Here is our hero the deck supplier...
Olivia was most annoyed that she was not allowed to participate in the construction work...
but she did approve of the final product!


Rachel said...

YAY -- how fun! I'd love a big nice deck like that. :)

Jinny and Colin said...

Happy Deck to you! Even though we're just 'renting' our deck, I appreciate it very much. I hope that you get lots of good use out of yours. :)

Jamey said...

Looking good, you will love it!

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