Here comes the snow

The boys are both excited for the snow... it does make everything look pretty all blanketed in pure white!

And I am SOOOO proud of Aiden... every night he gets to read me a book and I can't tell you how lovely it is to hear him read!!! I LOVE it.


Nessa said…
They are so cute and look so excited!

So glad that Aiden is reading to you! That's awesome!
el Maggie said…
Snow would be nice - what you have is going to get whapped with something from the south and turn into freezing rain when it hits us (in time for tomorrow's commute). Yuck.
Anonymous said…
Aiden must feel so great every time he reads. It changes everything.

May we keep our excitement about snow and refreshing cold winds until the buds and the baby birsd brighten mud time. O Canada!

G. on the Coast

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