Upcoming Appointments

We have Aiden's first appointment with his new Occupational Therapist this morning... and tomorrow morning we see the Pediatrician... I am hoping the change in schedule doesn't throw Aiden off too much and that we find out helpful things from both! All in all though Aiden is doing really well and I am very proud of him.

The boys are getting ultra excited about Christmas but Owen can't seem to grasp the concept that he has to WAIT to get presents until Christmas day. He is most unimpressed :) The trials of being 5. I am thinking we will decorate the house later this week when the boys are off school- they have a four day weekend coming up. I think Olivia will get a kick out of all the decorations this year.


Joanna said…
Hi Tara!

I am stopping by to say hi and introduce myself...My name is Joanna from JoJo's Place and This Southern Girl's Nest. I was given your name for the ornament exchange this year!

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