Weekly Winners- Olivia Joy

Hi Mom.
Ice is cold. (yes, it was cold enough here this week to freeze water into ice... boo.)
Eating a carrot.

Eating ice.
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Ah, she is just ADORABLE!
Kat said…
That first one is just adorable. What an expression.
tiff said…
She is just so sweet.
hip chick said…
oh how cute! She is so adorable.
ComfyMom~Stacey said…
Such cute photos!
Becky said…
I love those little hands on the ice. So precious!!!
She is lovely!! Love the first shot!!!
great photos - love the shoes!
She is very beautiful! Although I have to admit, I was kinda hoping she was still munching on the largest carrot ever. I still can't get over the size of that thing!!
Colleen said…
Beautiful photos! Adorable subject! I'm amazed at how much she's growing too.
Love the last one, she's gorgeous!
Vicky said…
The first shot was my favorite. She is beautiful.
* TONYA * said…
That first photograph is just gorgeous. I love the 2nd carrot one too. What a cutie.
Hey! Just tagged you for a "Random Meme!" Please don't feel like you have to do it--just participate if you feel like it and have time! Cheers!
Katrin said…
She is getting sooo beautiful!
I haven't updated my cuteacious blog lately, but go to gemsandjingles.blogspot.com to see some of Lilly's latest pictures. I thought you might enjoy those.
On The Verge said…
What a beautiful baby girl you have.
Tracey said…
My favorite photo is the top one. I wanna squeeze those cheekies!
- Tracey
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Christianity With Tracey
Heather said…
Totally darling...I love the "ice" one...the little puckered lips!
Those are beautiful Tara! Olivia is getting so grown up!!
Jamey said…
wow she is just a doll, I love that 1st one too!
Jenni Jiggety said…
She is such a little doll face!
Stopping in to say Hi! She is a cutie pie!
kailani said…
She has the most beautiful eyes!

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