Sick little girl

Olivia has a cold.

And BOY OH BOY is she clingy! As a result I have had less than 4 nanoseconds of time to myself in the past several days. My head hurts. My back hurts from carrying my toddler around all day. Even when I am at this lovely computer I am holding Olivia on my lap and typing with one hand.

Hence the lack of real posts these days. Sorry. I have tons in my head... and someday I'll get a chance to share I hope!

This is a not tired little girl


Natalie said…
poor baby. that picture is darling. you can just see that she is stuffy and having to breath through her mouth.

i hope she is feeling better soon so that you can get a moment...
Oh look at the poor little girl - that photo makes me want to reach right over there and give her a hug. I hope she's feeling better soon!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Oh, I hate typing with one hand - even though I love snuggling my little ones. And I've missed hearing about your life. Hope she feels better soon and I hope you don't get it.
Nicole said…
Poor baby girl! I hope she's better soon for her sake and yours!
oh bless, isn't she adorable? So sorry the colds have hit.
Amanda said…
ohhh I understand totally since Kyla has been sick all week too. Sweet picture though.
Sweet Mummy said…
Poor little cutie! It's hard on everyone when I little one is sick. Hope you're all feeling better!!

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