Blurb Rocks

By Tara Robertson

I have been diligently working on my very first Blurb book and I am SO excited! I ordered it this morning... I can't wait to see it!

Blurb is, by far, one of the coolest sites/stores I have ever seen. I was able to easily import my blog into their program- Booksmart- and then customize it to suit my needs! It was super easy to do and every question I had along the way was answered by their extensive help section.

I LOVE it!

This will definitely NOT be the last Blurb book I order!

Keep watching because I will be having a Blurb giveaway soon and you won't want to miss it!


Amanda Daybyday said…
That's very cool Tara. I may have to do one of those up sometime...could be really cool. Especially to capture all the memories of the kids that I haven't written down anywhere else.
kelle said…
What a great idea! Love it!
Colleen said…
This is good to know! I've contemplated doing this but didn't take the plunge. Anything that involves using a plunger I tend to be a little leary of. :)
cool, you actually did it?! I have the stuff all sitting on my desk top, but haven't put anything together. You are inspiring, girl.

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