Aiden Ran Away from School. Again.

As most of you know my son Aiden is in the process of being "diagnosed"... likely with an autism spectrum disorder or something similar. We have been in this process for an excrutiatingly long time.

We have had a problem with him running away from school when he gets stressed out. He is in grade one and has run away dozens of times. God is very smart though and has made it so that we only live a little over a block away from the school. It is still incredibly unsafe and terrifies me AND the school.

Today he ran away again at lunch time. He arrived at home sobbing and shaking. The first words out of his mouth were "I looked both ways when I crossed both streets but I just didn't care I had to get home to see mama" and then collapsed into my arms.

I managed to get him relatively calmed down and we walked back to the school together. His principal had called home in the few minutes he was gone and she was there to meet us upon our return. I tried to get him settled into his classroom but he was still sobbing when I left. I went and talked to the principal and one of his teachers and when I was leaving the school Aiden was in his "calm down" room still freaking out.

I HATE leaving him like that. HATE IT. I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home. But I know that if I do that he will think that if he runs away he will get to come home and he would do it even more often. It is already below freezing here and in a month or so it will be cold enough to freeze little hands and ears outside so he must NOT be running away. Not to mention the fact that he has to cross two streets to get home and he has run right in front of a truck before. Luckily we live in a small town where MOST people drive pretty slow and the truck just stopped and he was ok... but it only takes once. And what if I wasn't at home? Granted I am not out very often but it could happen and THEN what would he do???

So I guess the new medication we are trying isn't working all that well after all.

I am still fervently praying that we can somehow miraculously get into the assessment centre earlier (we are on a one year waiting list right now).

The whole thing just makes me so sad.


Rebecca said…
Hi Tara,

I am so sorry to hear how hard this is on you and your family! My 5 year old brother has PDD which is on the spectrum and it can be incredibly frustrating to go through getting a diagnosis, services, and finding the best strategies for your son, your family, and the school. I pray that God strengthens you in the process and gives you peace as well as sets angels about your little one.


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Amanda Daybyday said…
That really does suck! Too bad they couldn't get an aid for him or something...even though you don't have a diagnosis yet. I'm praying for you too.
Robyn said…
I'm here if you need me, even just a quick call to say hi & to scream! Love ya!
Hi Tara

My heart goes out to you. God will keep him safe!!! I know you have your hands full but is it possible to try home schooling? School outside of the home are just too much for some children. It might be the best alternative for all in the end. My 4 nieces and nephews are autistic so I totally understand what you are going through right now with the testing, meds, waiting etc...
My prayers are with you
Rhiannon said…
Oh,goodness. I came across your site after finding the blog givaways site!!! I don't know if alternative therapies are your bag but last year my 3 year old was so sick with giardia that she stopped walking for 5 days from sheer exhaustion. The doctors didn't know it was giardia and could not figure it out. They were just about to prescribe flagyl when we decided to do Electrodermal Therapy. Harvard Medical University uses this as a diagnostic tool and it has been used by a small amount of holistic practitioners for years. You may have to drive a ways to get to someone who has this machine but please check it out. The idea is that all illness is caused by virus' and parasites that enter the body when the body is stressed. They tested my daughter and soon saw she had giardia and gave us a homeopathic remedy. She stopped throwing up and is a vibrant happy 4 year old now. I know this therapy could help you. I just had to let you know.
Tara, that really sucks. That must be so discouraging for you. On Amanda's thoughts, is there no way to get him an aid if he is in the middle of a diagnosis? Obviously the school is aware of your concerns since they share some of them too.
Anonymous said…
Yikes. Your family is still in high stress mode. I hope that all of you can take really good care of yourselves, to recover from what you have been through already. And Aiden seems maxed on stress.

I went to a lecture by a nautropathic doctor who has a son diagnosed autistic when he was 3, now 12. I will send you her contact info and try to summarize her thoughtsin an email. I took 4 pages of notes.

She starts with tests, which are probably expensive as they go to the U.S.
And the treatments are supplements that are gentle ways to help the body rebuild functioning, I have done most of these for 3 months, and it cost over $150 for those months. But naturopaths look for the CAUSE, and strengthen the body so it can re-balance. as the only healing is done by the body.

But some are inexpensive, and good practice anyway, even without tests. Epson salts baths help detox pollutants held in the cells; they also give us added magnesium as most of us are low.
Anyone who has had antibiotics needs to take pro-biotics, good quaity are more expensive, but worth it. Essential fatty acids, Omega 3, is very important. I use a coffee grinder to grind refrigerated flax seeeds, and sprinke it on soups, salads, anything. The only way to see if it helps is to try. Your doctor will say OK and you can both wath for changes.

The naturopath mom started the lecture saying that autism is genetic, but 20 genes are in play, and there are environmental triggers which make the difference.

So with Halloween coming tomorrow, how to have NO SUGAR and NO ADDITIVES. I hope you get inspired and can offer him an alternative if he can do himself the favour of not eating junk. Did you hear that some schools are celebrating Halloween WITHOUT SWEETS?

This epidemic is big, and is for all of us to share the burden. The boys need it(4 boys to 1 girl, and mush more prevalent than decades ago, so the environment is different). All the children need to see their friends get out of this.

Much love, from G. on the Coast
Irene said…
Tara, you are such a strong woman..I am saying a prayer for you and your son that things improve and soon.

randall Friesen said…
Praying for you guys tonight.

Sometimes I don't understand the fairness of life.

Hang in there, ok?

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