Weekly Winners

My daughter helped my mother wash the carrots from our garden off in our sprinkler.
I love my mother's hands. I don't know why. I just think they have so much character.

Olivia was very intent on helping Grandma.
But she had to taste that yummy sprinkler water too.
I love sweet chubby toddler hands too...

Our yummy garden carrots all clean.
My sweet son Owen is growing like a weed these days.

Every time I see him he looks taller and less like a little boy. He turns 5 in 5 weeks... This is Olivia wearing her brother's shoes and pointing at the carrots on the ground- she thought Grandma had dropped them accidentally so she picked them all up and threw them back in the garden. She's very helpful.

Oh how I love my baby girl's laugh.

And I love how the sun shines on her sweet curls!

There was a layer of dew on everything this morning.I thought it looked so beautiful.

We picked all the apples off of our tree today because it is expected to frost tonight.

I'm really going to miss summer.
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Smoochiefrog said…
Great shots! Now I want an apple. :)
beautiful pictures!!!
secretagentmama said…
I soooooooooo love them all, but that third one just struck me in my heart!
Simple beautiful!

Love the hand shots!!!
connie said…
♥ ALL of these! Your kiddies are adorable & have the most amazing eyes :)
the Doug said…
Great pictures love! You're getting SO much better!

I love you.
wendy said…
hello Tara =)

what a wonderful post! Its no wonder you love your mom's hand. after all, those are the hands that nurtured you. I love my mom's too. i will never forget the way she rubbed my back when I was sick =)
Jientje said…
Amazement all over!!!
Not just saying that!!
The apple pictures are all soooooooo
Now wait a minute!!!
I think you ain't seen nothing yet!!!!
Be back next week!!!!!!
tiff said…
I love all of these. I love the carrots and your Mum's hands and I love the apples and your kids are beautiful!
hip chick said…
Oh my goodness what beautiful children and pictures. I used to love my grandmother's hands as well. Lately I have begun to notice that age has been laying her hands on my hands as well.
Yen said…
Such beautiful children! I love the 3rd and 5th photos but all of them are just stunning! The apple is yummy:)

Mine is HERE if you have a time! Thanks! Happy WW
Lilacspecs said…
Wow, what great pictures. And I love what you say about your mother's hands.
Rebecca said…
These shots are REALLY great! I'm having a hard time picking a favorite... but I think I'm going to have to settle on the apples. They're lovely!
Rachel said…
You're expecting a frost? Oh my word.
Those are all wonderful pictures!! I love the series with your mom and your kids are just beautiful.
ComfyMom~Stacey said…
Those are all wonderful! I love the carrot washing ones best
What great pictures, the one of your daughter laughing is adorable!
Colleen said…
Those are some GREAT shots! I ♥ the picture of your girl and her curls in the sun! She won't be able to play nekkid in the yard too much longer!
The Mom said…
I love drinking from the sprinkler and the MOM HANDS...that just touched me!
So many great ones this week! I especially love the ones of the apples and your kiddos are always adorable.

Karen of the MomDot Street Team
kompostela said…
Apples with diamons! Almost like flowers in the morning.
Sarcastic Mom said…
Dew shots = magnificent!

Sprinkler taster = adorable. :-)
What a great set of photos, but I think the hands are my favorite. I love the old and new hands, such a nice contrast.
You have beautiful kids!! :)
maggie's mind said…
Such great shots! Looks like a nice day with family, and I think hands can say so much. Beautifully done.
texasholly said…
Beautiful pictures and a great day...
JenniBeanV said…
Oh wow...those apple pictures are FANTASTIC!

And I love the pictures with Olivia and your mom and the carrots!
elke said…
Tara- great photos. You have inspired me. What camera do you use?

Donna said…
Those are really some beautiful shots (and beautiful kids).
mrsbear said…
Great photos, you really captured the joy of that day. Thanks for sharing them.
Channah said…
What beautiful pictures!

I have an award for you on my site!
THIRTY comments-- wow. Your pictures have just really gotten amazing, you know? I can tell you're thriving in the sunshine.
Cindy said…
What absolutely amazing and precious photography! The photos of the hands are so powerful and moving. You have a way of capturing emotion that is rare and wonderful.

Gin E said…
Your kids are adorable.The headshots my favorite...and so is your girl's laugh!
Rene' Morris said…
What a beautiful post! I love the pictures. The first one of your son actually matches your blog. Did you notice that? Beautiful.
acupofjoy said…
There's an award for you at my blog!
Those are some great shots, Tara! The apples just look so darn scrumptious!

BTW, my little Kobe has those same Cars shoes! He rarely takes them off.
Jeff said…
You take good photos :)

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