Saturday, June 14, 2008

Relatives come a visiting

Pin It Today we went to the city (6ish hours round trip) to pick up my brother-in-law Dave and his wife. They flew in to visit us! Last night they stayed at my OTHER brother-in-law's house.

This is the three brothers...
Dave is the youngest, Phil is the middle child, and my hubby is the oldest.

This is Olivia and I with Phil's wife Erica...Here are the three sisters-in-law...
Erica (Phil's wife), Julia (Dave's wife) and me. And Olivia of course.

The men...

and boys of course.

We haven't all been together in one place since Phil & Erica got married almost 4 years ago! Here we all are saying Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law...which we celebrated in her absence.
Now we are all completely exhausted. But Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia are spending a couple days with us and my boys are SO excited.

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Robyn said...

Lord, the 3 of them are creepily (is that a word?) similar! Good grief!

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