Friday, February 15, 2008

Green Baby

Pin It I won this Green Baby DVD from Emily at Boutique Cafe. It is a great DVD similar to the baby einstein dvd's except focused on caring for and saving our environment. It even has kid's saying things like "play outside" and "hug your family" and "trees give us oxygen" in it. I think it is very cute and has a great message. Thank-you Green Baby and Boutique Cafe!
Olivia really enjoys the pretty pictures and lovely music...
Even the boys will watch it sometimes...
Today they watched it while continuing their Valentine's candy gorging.
The boys spent several minutes teaching Olivia how to eat a lollipop. It was very cute. She turned around in circles (her newest trick) for several minutes from the sugar high.

Then she crashed...

She always plays with her adorable toes while she is nursing these days.

I just love those sweet toes of hers!


Rachel said...

How darling are those kiddos!! That DVD sounds great. What a fabulous idea! Congrats on your win!

Nissa - said...

My daughter does the same thing- spins around & egts all dizzy, giggling as she wobbles around afterwards.. You have to love how they can entertain themselves so easily!!
Thanks for delurking! Now I get to come stalk your blog, too! :)

Amanda said...

Glad the DVD got there in one pc. Have a great day lady.

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