Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Owen's Halloween Party

Pin It This morning I got to go to school with Owen for his Halloween party. It was very cute. The school didn't let the kids wear costumes to school- instead they were supposed to dress up in black and orange and crazy hair. Both my sons refused to do crazy hair... not that I could have done much with their hair anyway.

Here are a few pictures from the party.
This is Owen's fabulous teacher- Miss. Hauser. Doesn't she look cute with bright pink hair?
This is Miss. Hauser with the most amazing teacher's assistant EVER- Mrs. Armstrong. I especially liked her pippi-longstocking hair.
I couldn't convince Owen to smile nice with me... oh well.

Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Cupcakes

Pin It Yesterday morning I got to go to school with Owen to make Halloween cupcakes for his class. We had a lot of fun. So much fun that he wanted to make MORE cupcakes when we got home. So we waiting until Aiden got home from school and we made more. We had a good time. Grandma and Olivia watched, Daddy took pictures, Owen, Aiden and I got messy.Owen made chocolate cupcakes and kept trying to stick his fingers in the batter so he could lick them clean. He didn't seem to care about the raw eggs and the risk of salmonella. Go figure.
Both boys got mix all over their shirts within seconds of beginning and then wanted them off. Owen said he didn't mind getting messy on his tummy because he is cleanable. Good to know.
I let them do all the work themselves. It was very messy. Aiden got white cupcake batter EVERYWHERE. It was impressive.

They sure had fun making those cupcakes. I let them decorate a few but the rest we put in bags to consume SLOWLY over the next few days. Too much sugar in one day equals no fun for mommy.
Aiden hasn't been feeling very well for a couple weeks now- he has a cold that just won't go away. But he also has asthma and yesterday he just could not stop coughing. I took him to see the doctor last night and I was told that we aren't controlling Aiden's asthma well enough. So the doctor is trying another daily medication. Now poor Aiden will have to have his inhaler twice a day and a chewable pill once a day. Hopefully that will help.
Olivia has two teeth now. And it hurts when she bites. I kind of miss her sweet toothless grin. But alas, babies can't stay babies forever. She is still unbelievably cute in my personal (and correct) opinion.
I thought you all would enjoy seeing the latest installation of "floor art" in my home.... Owen drew on the living room carpet with pink marker. My husband was NOT impressed. I am much less concerned... our carpet is hopeless. It actually might look better coloured. And if you give your son a banana and he SAYS he ate it but really he just put it down and then your daughter gets a hold of it and crawls behind the desk to squash it all over everything ... this is what it looks like. I prefer marker floor art to squashed banana floor art.

On a completely unrelated topic my mom has been rather pushy lately about getting a hold of our Christmas wish list. In the process of getting one together for her I discovered something about myself. It is very hard for me to come up with a list of what a want for myself. It's not that I am being secretive about it... I just really can't think of what I want. I mean, sure, I could always use some decent clothes but I refuse to believe I will remain this size forever so I don't see much of a point in spending money on clothes I won't wear for very long (humour me). And I love to read but the library has all the books I need and then I don't have to store them in my house. I love to blog and do facebook but I already have a computer so that's taken care of.

See what I mean?

Everything I really want is not really giveable. Like sleep. Daily time to myself. Regular visits with my friends without being constantly interrupted by our kids. A maid. A huge soaker tub (that wouldn't fit in my not-so-huge bathroom). A trip to Tahiti where you can stay in those cool little huts above the water and some very kind local brings you fresh food every day and they provide you with a full-time nanny and wonderful kids programs and .... you get the picture. I'd also settle for an all-inclusive Disney cruise.

Anyway, the point is I don't really need anything. And tea towels and an ironing board cover aren't exactly the most interesting things to put on your Christmas wish list. And I must admit it was a little unnerving to have my mother stare deeply into my eyes and say "what do you REALLY like to do honey? I mean, do for yourself? Your hobbies?" .... um.... does taking a shower count?

My life is just totally wrapped up in my kids right now. And I'm ok with that. In fact, it is what I think God wants for me right now. Someday I will have more time (in theory) and I can pursue some hobbies then.

Who knew writing a Christmas wish list could be so stressful?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love my kids

Pin It My kids are cute. I know I have told you all this before... but it's true. They are. Even when they are driving me crazy they are cute. And they are so different from each other. That always amazes me. I didn't have siblings and I guess I thought siblings would be more... similar than they are. I mean, they look an awful lot alike in many ways. But they ACT so differently. And they enjoy such different things. Aiden is so intense. Owen is so easy going (most of the time) and Olivia is so... girly. And I don't care what anyone else says there is DEFINITELY many differences between boys and girls immediately from birth.Olivia's newest past time is climbing. We have two small stools by the gates so the boys can climb over without opening them. Olivia spends a good portion of her time climbing those stools but she hasn't yet figured out how to climb DOWN. This causes her much stress.
I get this look most of the time I am in the kitchen... she really disapproves of me not allowing her to roam free. But my kitchen just isn't safe for her. There are stairs to the basement, cat food, cat litter, food bits and other gross things under the table, it's just not safe. Plus I can't get a thing done with her on my hip, or at my feet.
The other night I was having a major chocolate craving so I snuck some halloween candy after the boys were in bed. Olivia had a grand time emptying the box. She really wanted some of that chocolate.
A girl after her mother's own heart I guess!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

me, myself, and I

Pin It It was pointed out to me that I don't post very many pictures of myself on my blog. This is true. That is because I don't want to. But here are a couple for your viewing enjoyment. My eye... including the bag under said eye from lack of sleep.
Lying on the couch wishing I was asleep.
Looking down at the camera on the floor. Still wishing I was asleep.


the Flu?

Pin It Oh my... I have been hit with some sort of nasty flu-like thing that I am really not enjoying. I thought it was a migraine yesterday because I usually don't feel so hot with those... but I talked to my poor mom last night and she has "it" (whatever "it" is) too.

I went to bed the same time as the kids last night... 7pm. Doug was at youth group so there was no good reason to stay up anyway. I just didn't have the energy to clean anything up anyway. It was a pretty terrible sleep what with the constantly having to see to my kids or go to the bathroom or waking up freezing cold or boiling hot. BUT I do feel slightly better this morning so I think the 11 hours of mostly rest was a good thing.

So far my kids seem to be doing ok. Owen has been complaining of a sore tummy and is having some bathroom "issues" that I am sure you don't want to hear about. But he is playing ok so that is a good sign. Aiden is a little mellower than normal... which probably means he isn't feeling good but is a bit of a help to me. And Olivia is just super clingy. She FREAKS out if I even think about leaving the room without her.

I don't really like taking cold/flu meds because most of them are not breast-feeding friendly and they also tend to make me a bit on the groggy side.... which is never a good idea when you are home alone with 3 kids. But when Doug got home last night I gave in and took some tylenol cold.... it definitely helped mellow my headache a bit which was a big relief.

My poor mom is sick all by herself in her little apartment. I'd send food over but neither of us feel much like eating. So there really is nothing I can do. But my mom is already such a tiny lady that she really can't afford to lose much weight so I sure hope she gets better quick.

I on the other hand will be fine not eating for about the next 3 months or so. I have plenty of reserves stored up.

Just kidding.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reverend Douglas J. Robertson

Pin It HE PASSED!!!!

My husband is now REVEREND Douglas J. Robertson.

I am so proud. I am so impressed.

I could just pass out with relief.

I knew he could do it.

My husband is awesome. And he's ordained now too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pray for my husband

Pin It My husband left today for his ordination interview. He is staying in hotel tonight and then has the interview tomorrow morning. All of you who are prayers please pray for him. It is a big deal.

My wonderful mother is staying with me to help me with the kids and the house and life. I don't know how you single moms out there do it. Honestly. You are amazing. I couldn't do this on my own.

Tonight all three kids are a little off kilter. Both boys claimed to have tummy aches and for some reason Olivia's tummy was upset too. It took over an hour to get them all to sleep... normally my boys go to sleep unbelievably easily. But before you get too jealous just know that they get up EVERY single morning at 6 am. Faithfully. They NEVER sleep in. Ever. No matter how late they go to bed they still get up at 6 am. I'd pay some good money (if I had any) to sleep in to 9 am.

Both boys have school in the morning.
Mom has the day off to help me get my house back in order.
Doug has his interview at 11 am. Poor guy.

Oh, and Olivia got her second tooth today. That's probably what upset her tummy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

There is nothing wrong with dresses

Pin It Here is some beautiful art I created on my floor this morning out of things I was tired of stepping on... My poor husband has his ordination interview this week. It is a big fat huge hairy deal. He has to wear a suit. And answer about a million questions for a whole bunch of very theologically smart men.

All I have to say is they had better pass him because if they don't I am going to send them nasty letters and make my stressed out husband go live with them and see how they like it.

Just kidding. I won't send them any nasty letters.
All Doug has been doing is studying for weeks now so I am sure he will pass and it will all be fine.

My mom and I took the kids to the "city" yesterday to get us all out of Doug's hair so he could study in peace. We went to Wal-Mart. I love Wal-Mart. It makes me wish I had loads of money though. But I must say they have the CUTEST little dresses for very reasonable prices these days. I was so excited. My mom bought Olivia one and I bought her one. It is actually impressive that we only got two considering I wanted to buy them ALL. I really love the cute dresses. Sigh. I'm just so happy to have a girl.
This is me being happy I have a girl. Less happy about the cheerios all over my floor.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Three Cheers for Grandma

Pin It My mom took the boys to her house today. She picked them up at 10:00 am and it is now 2pm and they still aren't home. I got to have a nap when Olivia napped this morning. It was beautiful.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prince Charming

Pin It And then in walks my prince charming...

When my husband came home from work tonight he totally rescued me... and our house! He walked in the door and immediately took over. I LOVE it when he does that. He fed the boys supper, he started a load of laundry, he cleaned up the living room- including vacuuming the floor and UNDERNEATH the couches! Amazing.

All I did was feed and bath Olivia.

My husband is a good man and I love him.

Toothpicks for my eyelids

Pin It Did you know that if you stop doing your housework for 12 hours in a row then your entire house looks like a bomb went off in it? It's true.

Last night was a rough night. Olivia REALLY had a hard time sleeping... therefore I had a hard time sleeping. I think she might have an earache... or a sore throat... or something. Hard to tell but whatever it is keeps waking her up. By the time I got up this morning I really felt like I had been run over by a truck.

All day today I have had moments of nearly falling asleep. Anytime I let my guard down my eyes start to slide shut.

If I had no kids that wouldn't be a problem. But I do have kids. Therefore I really can't allow myself to fall asleep. So instead I have been drinking tea (I hate coffee) and eating unhealthy snacks to keep me awake.

But that is the most energy I seem to be able to muster up. So everything else is sliding. There is a complete disaster area in my kitchen. My living room has crushed cheerios on the floor. My laundry is fermenting in my basement.

On the up side my sons are both bathed and fed. My daughter is napping and therefore not crying. And I didn't fall asleep on the job today.

3 cheers for tired mommy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Boy Owen

Pin It Owen had his 4 year old check-up today. He is 47 pounds and 43.7 inches (111 cm) tall. He is big. And oh so cute. He passed all his hearing and eyesight and developmental tests as well. Then he got his booster shot. He did NOT like it. But he was such a good boy.

I took this picture of him yesterday- he was giving me that flower as a present. Isn't he sweet?Here is my mom and Olivia having fun outside. Olivia really isn't feeling 100% these days but she loves to be outside.
This is the "spaceship" that Aiden and Owen built... Aiden is the pilot. Grandma is such a good sport. Luckily Grandma is tiny and can fit in the spaceship seats easily... Mommy found it significantly harder. I really do wonder how I managed to come from such a tiny woman. She tries constantly to GAIN weight. I have the opposite problem. There is no justice.
This is Olivia learning to climb DOWN a step. She has mastered crawling UP steps but down is always a little more difficult. She was also really enjoying looking at all the dead leaves. She didn't even try to eat any this time.

We got the boys school picture proofs today... I am thinking we will do retakes if we can. Aiden refused to smile and Owen looks... well... cute... but silly. I may get a few copies just for posterity's sake.


Pin It Today Aiden had a GOOD day at school. He did try to run away once but he STOPPED before leaving the school grounds. This may not seem like much to you but the fact that he didn't arrive home in the middle of the school day means a lot to me.
I took these pictures of Aiden yesterday afternoon in our yard. It was a beautiful day and so we spent some time enjoying the sunshine.
In case you can't tell- Aiden is fighting bad guys with his light-saver (sabre).
Oops. One of the bad guys got him. Apparently you can still see, hear and talk when you are dead. Good to know.

I decided not to send the boys to Awana kids club at church tonight... I think it was a good call considering they were both asleep before the club even started.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well that sucked

Pin It Tonight was the Open House at my son's school. In theory it was supposed to be a time for us parents (and grandparents) to visit the kid's classrooms and see their work and then attend a presentation in the gym.

We started in Owen's classroom and things went well there. So far so good. The boys played with some toys and other kids while we chatted with Owen's sweet teacher and looked at his work. It was a very nice 15 minutes.

Then we went to Aiden's classroom. It started out ok, talking to his wonderful teacher and seeing his classroom. Then Aiden started to get more and more worked up. There is a certain stuffed animal in his classroom that he adores and has adopted as his own. He has named it "Cookie". He grabbed Cookie and started racing around the classroom. Both his teacher and I told him not to run. Then it was time for us to head to the gym. Aiden was supposed to leave the stuffed animal in its "special spot" so we could head to the gym. Aiden FREAKED out about leaving the toy. I mean REALLY freaked out. Crying real tears and everything. It was like his teacher and I had taken the toy from him and shredded it on the spot instead of just asking him to put the toy on the shelf.

While this is going on my mother is playing with Olivia and Owen who are both being wonderful. Doug had to leave early to lead a small group tonight so he wasn't there to experience the joy.

Anyway, I finally wrestle Aiden out of the room and we start down the hall to the gym. There are LOTS of people there. We get to the gym doors and Aiden FREAKS out again. Throws himself on the floor screaming and refuses to enter the gym. I say "ok, we don't have to go in" and try to drag him out of the way of all the other parents trying to get in the door. Aiden jumps up and runs screaming down the hallway towards the door, all the while yelling at the top of his voice "ME WANT TO GO HOME" and hitting himself in the head. By the time I get my mother, Olivia in her stroller, and Owen turned around Aiden has reached the other end of the school. I then had to walk through the gauntlet of staring parents and teachers to get to my still screaming son. Aiden is red in the face, crying, yelling, and hitting himself. I got to him, took him in my arms and we sat down on the floor. It took me at least 15 minutes to get him calmed down. By the time he was calm the hallways were empty- everyone was in the gym. Owen was upset though because he was feeling very ignored. Olivia was also upset because she was still in her stroller.

We left.

We got home and I put the boys to bed, sent my mom home, put Olivia to bed and turned on the TV. Now I am watching Beauty and the Geek. Highly educational programming I know. But it is better than the "Watch My Son Freak Out About Nothing" show that I was watching earlier.

In other news my friend James and his wife Jodi had their first baby today- a baby girl named Rachel. Congratulations James and Jodi. May Rachel never run screaming down her school's hallway hitting herself and screaming at the top of her lungs.

10 - 20 - 30 Virus

Pin It I saw this over on Judy's blog and thought I would give it a try.

What were you doing 10, 20 and 30 years ago?

10 years ago- In 1997 I worked in a rose plant packaging factory in BC for several months where I got to know the most fascinating group of ladies. I had not yet met my husband and I was finishing up a rather long relationship with a young man I had met at Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre. I also worked at Camp Caroline in Alberta for the summer, then I returned to Canadian Bible College for the start of my second year of my Bachelor's of Religious Education. That is when I first met, and began dating my husband. I lived in "the 4-plex" student residence and I weighed at LEAST 30 pounds less than I do now and my hair was naturally blonde. As I recall I really enjoyed the last half of 1997.

20 years ago- In 1987 I finished up grade 6 at Sweet Grass Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta with two of the BEST teachers I ever had- Ms. McLean and Mrs. Smith, went to Camp Nakamun as a camper, started Junior High School at Vernon Barford Junior High in Edmonton and began several years of extreme self-consciousness. I really hated junior high. This was also when I started wearing big bangs, blue eyeshadow and tight jeans. I was so cool. Grade seven was my first dance and I recall being terribly embarrassed and wishing I could just disappear into the gym wall. Actually, I think I DID hide in the bathroom for awhile. I gave my first speech and passed out cold from nerves. It was on October 31, 1987, Halloween. I was dressed as a bride for my costume. I got to sit in a chair for the rest of my speech. I was horrified. My mom and I lived in an apartment and we got along very well (for the most part). I was asked out for the first time. I tried to say no by lying and saying my mom had a rule that I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16 (I didn't have this rule but I had heard about it before). So the boy came over to my house one evening and ASKED my MOM's permission to date me. She was so impressed with him that she said YES! I was so mad. Then that same boy and his best friend ran away from home and slept outside my window one night. I didn't know they were there. They both wanted to date me and had written me love poems to try and sway me in their favour. I was horrified. I thought they were both insane. Boys were so confusing. I was also kissed for the first time during a game of truth or dare. I was so embarrassed. Those wretched grade 7 boys snapped my training bra (that I really didn't need) so many times it broke. I was, again, horrified. The girl I shared my locker with brought alcohol to school and got caught and asked me to lie for her. I tried valiantly to lie for her so she wouldn't get in trouble but we managed to tell completely different lies to the principal. The principal said to me "Ok Tara, you can stop lying to me now. I know that you are trying to protect your friend but it isn't working". I never was a good lier. I got a detention. She got suspended. Ah, good times.

30 years ago- In 1977 I was 1 year old. I have no idea where we were living at that time (we moved really a lot). Probably White Rock, BC or maybe Crescent Beach, BC. I lived with my mom. That's it. From what I have been told I was very happy and very well loved and clothed in a whole lot of polyester pant suit type outfits. I had no hair yet. I really loved playing with my black baby doll. If I am correct my childhood best friend Tinuviel was born that year too. We were inseperable for many years. She is my longest lasting friend. We still talk when we get the chance. She lives in Arizona now though and that is very far away from northeast Saskatchewan.

Olivia vs. the table

Pin It

Score: Table 1, Olivia 0

Mother of the Year Strikes Again

Pin It It's time for another "Mother of the Year" award. Before my big confession of what I have done to deserve this honour let me explain one thing... I am an only child. I do NOT understand sibling relationships. I don't understand how siblings can love each other and yet still be so incredibly mean to each other. I don't get it. If I had EVER talked that way to my friends, or ACTED that way toward my friends we would not have been friends. Plus I would have gotten in a lot of trouble.

So this morning my sons were having a "sibling" moment. Aiden was going outside to blow bubbles (left over from the birthday party) and Owen was following him. Aiden looked directly at his brother, glared at him and then slammed the door on Owen's little hand. Owen's thumb got caught in the door and Owen cried. A lot.

I was FURIOUS at Aiden. I lifted up my crying son all the while yelling at Aiden things like "look what you did!" and "what were you thinking?" and then my crowning achievment
"don't act like such a jerk to your brother".

Nice eh?

By this time Aiden is crying. Doug has rushed to the kitchen wondering what has happened that would cause me to call my eldest son a jerk. I have taken Owen to the bathroom to wash the blood of his hand. And we have less than 5 minutes until we have to leave for school.

I was still boiling mad.

It took me until I had returned from taking Owen to school to calm down. And then I apologized to Aiden. A lot. I told him it was wrong of Mommy to call him names. He told me that I should say sorry right away. I told him he was right and said sorry again. He told me that when I called him a jerk he felt bad inside. I said sorry again. And felt like a jerk.

But honestly, every time I see that "I'm going to hurt you on purpose" look it just makes me so mad!! My husband has tried to explain to me many times that he isn't really thinking he will hurt his brother. He just wants to get rid of him. Which, in my opinion, still hurts him- just not physically.

Anyway, the point is I don't get it.

So that is why I am the mother of the year... again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Making Play doh is fun

Pin It I got to go to school with Owen this morning to make play doh. We had lot of fun together. He is just SUCH a GOOD boy. It is a real pleasure to go on outings with him. And he is darn cute. His teacher got engaged this past weekend and when she showed Owen her ring he said "but it's so small!" and that cracked me up. Actually it is a lovely ring but oh to see the world through the eyes of a 4 year old.

And Aiden had an OK day at school today. Which is a huge improvement over a horrible day. As a reward he got his star wars halloween costume returned to him. He is wearing it right now watching CARS movie.

I took this cute picture of Olivia today. She still isn't feeling 100% but she is such a sweetie anyway. She is sitting on the partially- possibly- never-going-to-get-finished pink blanket I am attempting to crochet for her. The blanket underneath is the blanket my Grandma made for me when I was Olivia's age.

Now we have to go grocery shopping. Fun times.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Owen's birthday party

Pin It Today we had Owen's 4th birthday party. I think it went pretty well! We had 9 of the most adorable 3-5 year olds around at our house (not to mention 3 very sweet babies). I even got to have a nice visit with a few of the moms which was fun.

Here is Owen opening his presents. He was so excited. I always find it fun to watch how ALL of the kids jump in to participate in the gift opening. They are just so cute. In this picture it is Owen (looking at the camera), Aiden in the green shirt, Kylie in the pink and Ben in the beige. Kylie and Ben are in Owen's class at school.
We had most of the party in our basement which is our kids playroom. I didn't really plan any particular activities for them to do, I just let them play. I find that kids are usually pretty good at playing together as long as there are plenty of toys so they don't have to share too much!

In this picture Shyla and Aiden are playing together. Aiden calls Shyla his girlfriend. They are in kindergarten together. Shyla is very patient with Aiden for the most part. She just smiles nicely at him while he pretends to be a robot to her.
I love the excited looks on Kylie's and Ryden's faces in this picture- I was lighting a match to light the birthday candles. They were very impressed. And yes, Owen is still obsessed with his Cowboy Woody halloween costume- hence the super cool Cowboy hat.
Cowboy Owen enjoyed his birthday cake with Buzz Lightyear and Woody on it. He wanted a Cars/Buzz/Woody birthday party, so that is what he got.

Here are some of the super cute kiddos eating birthday cake while the parents stand around watching... we just don't have enough places to sit in our not-so-big kitchen!
And sweet baby Jonathyn took his very first steps today at the birthday party! He was so proud of himself. He turned one this week and he is so cute.
Last year we had a party for Owen but I don't think he really "got" what was going on. This year he GOT it. He loved it. When his guests were leaving he said "Does this mean my birthday is over now?" He was rather sad to be done. But man he was cute. And he was SOOO good today. Aiden was pretty good too. Aiden gets a little over-excited when there are lots of other kids around but he did really well sharing and he didn't even freak out that Owen was getting gifts and he wasn't. I was proud of him.

Overall I think the party was a success. And boy was I ever tired after all was said and done! And just as my husband was starting to cook supper the power went out here... so I ate cereal. Yummy. Now I plan to go to sleep and try to recover from our exciting day!
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