Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A day with the Martin's

Pin It I realize that we have been home from our holidays for a while now but I really want to put up some more pictures of the fun we had. Good times must be shared... even if I am a little slow at it!

My dear friend Nancy and her family came to see us while we were in Toronto. Nancy and I attended Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre together in 1993/94. We have kept in touch over the past 13 years and she is one of my dearest long-distance friends!

This first picture is of the 9 of us taking the ferry over to Toronto Island. I had never been there before and I must say it was pretty cool. It is a little oasis in the middle of the big city.
We had a hurried lunch of hot dogs on the ferry. My boys refused to eat theirs of course.

Aiden and Nancy's daughter Isabella got along very well. They are almost the same age. Bella has got to be one of the cutest little girls in the world.
The kids wanted to play in the spray park but the water was absolutely FREEZING cold. Plus is rained. But Bella and Owen made a valiant effort.
Aiden really wanted Bella to appreciate his new transformer. Unfortunately Bella isn't that interested in transformers...
This is Olivia and Nancy's son Ezra. He is absolutely adorable. Don't they make a cute pair?
Here is Ezra and his daddy, Ryan, having fun together.
Here is Nancy's husband Ryan. He was not terribly impressed with all the pictures my camera- obsessed husband was taking!
Here is Nancy holding Olivia and her and I doing what we do best - talking. It was so wonderful to spend time together.
Nancy, Isabella, Owen and I enjoying the day together.

When the fun was done the kids were pretty tired out. Owen convinced me to carry him. He can be very persuasive that kid.Olivia was exhausted and had a lovely nap in her stroller.
Here is a family picture- Ryan, Nancy, Isabella and Ezra. Aren't the sweet?
And finally a group shot. The Robertson's and the Martin's. It was quite the procedure getting us all together and standing still for this picture!
It was a wonderful day spent with dear friends. Hopefully it won't be another 3 years until we see them again.

Our newest addition

Pin It So my boys have been asking for a pet. They REALLY wanted a pet. Actually, they want several pets. They have asked for a dog, a fish, a cat, and a lizard so far. We used to have a cat when we lived in Hamilton but it got sick and had to be put down. Then we were babysitting my mom's cat for awhile but now she went back to live with grandma. SO today we brought home a kitty. They still really want a puppy but we'll have to see about that. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the kind of responsibility a puppy entails!

So in honour of our 8th wedding anniversary we would like to introduce to you all... the new Robertson cat. It doesn't have a name yet because my sons can't seem to agree on a suitable name. So far Marshmallow, Licorice, Shadow, and Butterfly have all been suggested. I think I am rooting for Shadow. Butterfly doesn't seem like a very good name for a boy kitty to me.The unnamed cat has settled in very well over the past few hours. He isn't afraid of my boys which is a plus. He is however afraid of his own reflection in our mirror. Very funny.
He is pretty cute. I'll let you all know his name when he gets one!

And happy anniversary Doug. I love you. You are the perfect husband for me and I am so glad I married you.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Uncle Ray and Aunt Eva's house

Pin It Halfway through our vacation we spent a week in Southern Ontario. Doug's Aunt Eva and Uncle Ray live in Toronto and we spent several days there introducing them to Olivia and catching up. When we used to live in Hamilton we would get together with them and Doug's cousins several times per year and we have really missed the regular contact since we moved West.

Here is Olivia getting to know her great Aunt Eva. Olivia is the first baby girl born with the Robertson last name since Aunt Eva was born!
One of the highlights of our trip for the boys was Aunt Eva and Uncle Ray's pool. The boys LOVED being able to go swimming every day. And as a point of interest the first time Aiden ever went swimming was in this pool, same with Owen and this was only Olivia's second time in a pool. Owen is a little more cautious in the pool. It took him awhile to feel comfortable venturing out beyond the steps.He did eventually venture out though. At one point he decided to bite large chunks out of the pool noodle... why? I have no idea. He told me he did it because he was "sooooo hungry".
Aiden on the other hand was not scared of the water at all. Not even a little bit. He spent most of his time running and jumping as far as he could into the water. He loved it.
Aiden can't swim yet (he has his first swimming lessons in August) but he did try floating on his back. He really was so fun to be with in that pool because he was having such a good time.
Olivia spent most of her time watching from the sidelines. She didn't like getting splashed by her brothers while she was in the pool so she never stayed in for very long.
Here is Great Uncle Ray playing with Olivia. She liked his beard.

Here is my sweet happy son Aiden talking about the pool. He really loved that pool. We had a wonderful time visiting with Uncle Ray and Aunt Eva. We really do miss seeing them more often.

Postpartum depression ramblings

Pin It Now as I have mentioned before I have been struggling through my third bout of postpartum depression. I am on medication this time and it has made a HUGE difference (I did my last bout drug-free and regret it now). But some days are definitely harder than others. Some days I feel fine and almost normal. Then other days I get up and the entire day is a struggle to drag myself up out of the pit.

Of course the medication I am on (Paxil for those interested in that sort of thing) makes the lows much easier to handle- I haven't wanted to hurt myself or my children or anyone else this time. Unless you have ever experienced it you can't know what a relief it is to not fear that you will hurt your kids.

And I do feel like God is helping me through this - just like He helped me after my last two kids considering that I DID want to hurt myself and my kids and I DIDN'T. That is a miracle people.

Before my first battle with postpartum depression I could never understand what could possibly make a parent want to hurt their child. Now I get it. When you are in the midst of postpartum depression you aren't thinking clearly. I personally think Satan uses these bouts of hormonal imbalance to really screw with people's minds. He whispers lies to them to make them believe all sorts of false things- like my kids hate me, they'd be better off without me, they are crying on purpose to drive me crazy, I don't love them or my husband... etc. etc. etc. Lies. All lies. But any woman who has ever experienced any sort of hormonal day knows that lies are pretty easy to believe when we are vulnerable.

Anyway, my point is that some days I just find it really hard to smile.

And my sons are especially sensitive. Owen today kept walking up to me and holding my hands or my face and smiling a really big smile at me until I would smile back. He needed to know I was ok and that I wasn't upset with him and still loved him. It reminded me that kids tend to blame themselves anytime anything is wrong in their world. He kept thinking I was down because he had done something wrong. Obviously that was not the case.

But really, how do you explain depression to a 3 year old?

And how do you carry on normally, playfully, happily, productively when you just feel like climbing back into bed?

I think even Olivia notices when I am not my best.

I love the sensitivity of children... most of the time. But sometimes I wish they could just be oblivious for awhile.

I also wish I was better at pulling myself up by the bootstraps so to speak.

But really, I can't even begin to tell you all how much better this third bout is compared to my first two. It is like I am a different person. I can talk to people. I can blog. I love my kids. I have great days. I am so glad I chose medication this time. It is worth gaining a few pounds to not be insane.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Museum of Nature

Pin It And now for some more holiday pictures. On July 2 we went to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia. This first picture is of the 7 of us at Dave & Julia's house- along with their dog Rory.
Here is Uncle Dave spending some quality time with Olivia.
Uncle Dave also likes transformers, video games and cars.... he is Aiden and Owen's hero.

The museum had an extensive dinosaur exhibit which Owen really enjoyed because he loves dinosaurs. Of course what he really wanted to do was TOUCH everything... unfortunately this was a mostly "look but don't touch" museum. Here is Owen feeling dinosaur teeth when the museum people weren't looking.
There was a room full of dinosaur models that you could actually touch. Here is Uncle Dave exploring the inside of a T-rex's mouth. Owen thought he was very funny.They had a special room where the kids could do some crafts and look at some "touch and feel" exhibits. Here is Aiden making a dinosaur craft while Olivia watches.
Aiden did really well visiting all the museums. I wasn't sure how well it would go but it turned out to be very fun.

There was an exhibit that was supposed to mimic the arctic ... but unless snow in the arctic smells like urine it didn't do a very good job. Seriously it really stunk. But Owen still insisted on climbing in it. Here he is peeking out of an ice hole... apparently he didn't notice the urine smell.
Here Uncle Dave and Owen are birdwatching... well, playing with the binoculars anyway. I guess the idea was to use the binoculars to look at all the stuffed birds in the cases. Instead Uncle Dave and Owen looked at the people.

At one point in the bird exhibit they had a pretend bird clinic set up for the kids to play in. The boys mostly just liked the pretend jeep. Here they are"rescuing" some birds. We had a very fun day and I must say that Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia really rose to the challenge of being my boys heroes. Uncle Dave spent most of the day holding two little boys' hands and answering a million questions. Auntie Julia had to read a million information cards for Aiden and she spent a good portion of time looking at the exhibit TV screens with him. It was great fun for the kids. I'm sure Dave & Julia are still recovering from there time with the kids.

If you are ever in Ottawa than I definitely recommend visiting this museum!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Canada Day in Ottawa

Pin It Here are some more pictures from our holidays . Canada Day in Ottawa was fun. We didn't want to take the kids downtown Ottawa because thousands of people go to the fireworks on parliament hill. That is just too many people crowded around my kids for me to feel safe! So we ended up going to Andrew Haydon park in Nepean with Doug's parents and his brother and his wife. It was good times.

This first picture is of Aiden and Olivia having a sweet moment before we left for the festivities. Aiden is really a very sweet big brother. I love watching them together.The above picture is my son Owen. The below picture is my brother-in-law Dave. I think there is a strong family resemblance between this uncle and his nephew.
It rained on us for a bit during the afternoon so here I am huddled under a blanket with my sister-in-law Julia, Olivia and Owen.

Aiden had a good time jumping on the rocks by the lake. He has SO much energy.

Douglas and his brother Dave being goofy while the kids played in the park.
Owen and his uncle Dave had a lot of fun playing together. Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia are two of the boys favourite people in the world now.
Grandad and Grandma spent the day with us too.

It was seriously cold towards the evening. By the time the fireworks happened we had all turned into Popsicles. This is a picture of me huddling under a blanket with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia and Olivia and Aiden. It is hard to believe now that the temperature is just slightly below the temperature in the Amazon jungle... but we really were cold on Canada Day! The fireworks were enjoyable but in the distance we could see the fireworks that were happening on parliament hill in downtown Ottawa and I must admit- what we were seeing couldn't even begin to compare. They do it up right in Ottawa on Canada Day.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the lost post that I found today

Pin It 1. Are you taller than your mom? Yes, I passed her a long time ago.
2. What color is your car? Our van is sort of greenish
3. What is the closest thing to you that is red? a coupon for huggies diapers
4. What is your ring tone? um... does the ring on my home phone count?
5. Are you sick? Yes.
6. Do you have a favorite pillow? Any pillow that allows me to sleep is fine with me.
7. What is your favorite game? Taking a nap.
8. Had a nap today? Are you kidding? I wish!
9. Gold or silver? gold
10. Is there an animal that creeps you out? spiders
11. Who was the last person you rode an elevator with? my husband and 3 kids and plenty of strangers.
12. Did you go ice skating as a kid? Yes
13. Ever have stitches? yes... lots.
14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Ice Tea
15. Closest fast food joint? A & W
16. What's something you want to do before you die? catch up on my sleep.
17. Have you ever caught something on fire? no
18. Have you ever seen a ghost? no
19. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Yes, regularly.
20. Do you know how to use chop sticks? Yes
21. Name something good that happened today. The sun rose in the sky and the earth is still turning.
22. What room are you in? living room
23. Are you worried about something you can't control? Yes. Always.
24. Do you like to exercise? No. Not even a little bit.
25. Ever been in a car wreck? Fender bender that gave me a black eye.
26. Are you done having kids? Absolutely
27. Bowl of fruit or bowl of ice cream? Ice cream
28. Innie or Outie? innie
29. Ever been to Canada? Yes, I live in Canada.
30. Sweet or salty? sweet
31. Sun or moon? Sun
32. What shoes did you wear today? I haven't put shoes on today
33. Favorite eye color of the opposite sex? blue
34. Most important quality in any relationship? authenticity
35. Favorite movie? Anything girly
36. Time of day you were born? noon
37. Do you know your blood type? yes, o+
38. What would you spend 5000 dollars on right now if you were handed it? Plane tickets to the west coast.
39. Name something you are grateful for? my family
40. Did you grow up in the city or country? all of the above. We moved a lot.
41. Would you ever consider going on a reality tv show if offered a large sum of money? perhaps
42. One of your dreams? that I got uninterrupted sleep
43. Hugs or kisses? Hugs
44. You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar store, what do you get? stuff for the kids
45. Slurpee flavor? coke
46. Initials of your children? AJR, OJR, OJR.
47. Favorite amusement park? Dinsney land was pretty fun but I haven't been there since I was 7.
48. Get in the water, or lay on the beach? both
49. Ever try drugs? Yes.
50. What are you cooking for dinner? I don't cook.

There are more important things in this life than your lawn

Pin It My children are conspiring against me. Their plan is to get me as sleep deprived as possible and then do a coup where they take over the house and eat cookies and drink kool-aid and throw things and hit stuff all day long. Today may be their lucky day. I am exhausted.

My boys took turns waking up for the first half of the night (mommy, it's too hot to sleep. mommy, I want a drink. mommy, I have to go poop. I want to sleep with you mommy. mommy, mommy, mommy.) Then once they were both finally settled it was about 1:00 am and Olivia's turn to keep me up. She got up at 5 am. And stayed up. Until the boys woke up at 6:30 am. Then she went back to sleep. There is no justice.

My husband has been gone all weekend in another town performing a wedding ceremony for the son of one of our elders. He got to have all sorts of alone time and sleep all the way through two nights and then to top it off he got to SLEEP IN. I haven't slept in in over 5 years. I miss sleeping in. Heck, I haven't slept through the night in over 5 years. I miss sleeping through the night.

I remember in my previous pre-kids life I used to occasionally sleep until noon. noon. In my present day life I have already been up for 6 or 7 hours by the time noon rolls around. I really do miss sleep.

And you know what people? There are more important things in life than a perfect lawn. If you are one of those people who get annoyed at your next door neighbour because they have too many weeds in their lawn then STOP IT. GET OVER IT. NOW. It is just a lawn people. And honestly have you ever considered that they may have more important things to do than to make sure their lawn is nicely manicured? I mean really. If it bothers you that much then YOU do it. Maybe they are too busy taking care of their 3 kids and congregation full of people with issues. Maybe they would LOVE to have time to spend hours on their yard like you do but instead they get to change endless diapers and play transformers. Maybe they are too broke to buy the weed killer stuff. Maybe they figure feeding their kids is more important than dandelions. And really, does it matter if a toy is left in the front yard? Will it kill you? Just ignore it. Attempt to have an ounce of compassion and MIND YOUR OWN FREAKIN BUSINESS. In the grand scheme of things does it really matter? When I stand before my Lord on judgment day will He say to me "I'd like to let you into heaven but you failed to keep your lawn up to my standards". NO. He won't. SO GET OVER IT.


I am just far too tired to deal with people who get annoyed over the state of my lawn. It makes me want to let my kids eat cookies, drink kool-aid and send them over to my neighbours houses to throw and hit stuff. However, if someone would like to make it possible for me to catch up on my sleep, hire me a maid and a nanny and get me a bag of extra cash then I will be glad to manicure my lawn to their high standards.

This rant has been brought to you by the sleep deprived pastor's wife and mother of 3.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeding the ducks in Ottawa

Pin It I have tons of pictures I want to share with you all from our vacation... it may take me awhile though!

We took the boys to one of Ottawa's MANY parks to feed the ducks. It was good times.

The ducks were pretty aggressive so at one point the boys were standing on top of a picnic table so they wouldn't nip at their toes!
Owen wanted to build a space station but the ducks kept getting in the way.
Here is Auntie Julia playing with the boys in the back yard.
Olivia spending time with us all... she sure does love to be held that girl!

My mother-in-law is especially thrilled to have a granddaughter - it's nice to see some pink in the house where 3 boys grew up!
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