Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Sweetest Thing

Pin It I just think Olivia is the sweetest thing. She can brighten up anyone's day. Even grumpy mommy.Olivia's newest trick is being able to sit up with just this pillow for support.
She has also started to really roll around. Mostly just in one direction but she can roll all over the room.

MSG should be banned

Pin It A few weeks ago the doctor's who are messing with my body right now decided in their infinite wisdom that perhaps my anti-depressant was making my blood pressure a tad too high and suggested (required) that I wean myself off said medication and "see how it goes". I am guessing they forgot the reason I was on the stupid medication in the first place was because I have post-partum depression and the medication makes it so I don't leap off tall buildings. (not that we actually have any tall buildings in Tisdale but that is not the point). SO I did what they asked. I went off the medication.

It was a very bad idea.

I called my doctor yesterday in a fit of tears and asked (told) her if I could go back on the meds. She said ok. So I did.

I should be feeling much better in a few days.

Of course I accidentally fed myself something with MSG in it and I get killer migraines from MSG so I am on day 3 of my head feeling like it is going to explode.

All around its been a great few days.

Migraines always make me feel especially whiny.

On the up side my son Aiden "graduated" from pre-kindergarten today. We got to enjoy a very cute little concert and he got a laminated diploma and everything.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Birthday Celebrations

Pin It Here are some pictures from our birthday celebrations this afternoon. I tried to get some decent pictures of Doug and each of the kids.
Aiden made Doug a "special birthday love card" which he gave him first thing this morning and then he bought him Popsicles for his gift.
Owen bought Doug a basketball for his gift. Owen has graciously offered to play basketball with him though.
I didn't manage to get 33 candles on the McCain Deep and Delicious birthday cake (I may or may not have made it from scratch).
My mom, Patricia, came over for birthday cake.

Aiden refuses to smile nicely for pictures. Instead he poses in some way. You can see Owen finds this fascinating.
Olivia found birthday candles, cake, and her brothers fascinating as well.
My mom took this picture of me and my honey. Aren't we cute?All in all we had a good day. The one kind of funny thing is that we happened to have a meeting with someone about updating our wills today. Nothing like thinking about death on your birthday :)

Happy Birthday to Doug

Pin It Today is my incredible husband's birthday. Happy birthday my love.
Isn't he handsome :)

Top 10 reasons why I love my husband:

1. He loves me and he shows me he loves me. Even when I am driving him crazy.
2. He loves our kids and is wonderful with them. Even when they are driving him crazy.
3. He is reliable and secure. Even when he would rather run away and join the circus.
4. He keeps me sane. No matter how illogical I seem to be.
5. He cooks me fabulous gourmet meals almost every day. Really. He does. I'm not lying.
6. He makes me laugh. He is really very funny.
7. I feel safer with him than anywhere else in the entire world.
8. He buys me flowers for no reason. And treats like ice cream or chocolate bars.
9. He helps me when I ask him too. And sometimes even before I ask him to.
10. He loves God and tries to be more like Jesus everyday. Even when he would rather just throw in the towel on this whole Christianity business and quit being a pastor and start telling church members off.

Not to mention that he is just so darn cute.

When we were newlyweds of about a month or so we had decided that we would take turns doing the dishes. This worked ok for about the first 3 days. Both of us REALLY hate doing dishes. (I love my dishwasher). So one day it was Doug's turn to do the dishes and he didn't do them. I decided that I shouldn't have to tell him to do the dishes he should just know that and do it on his own. If he really loved me he would do the dishes without me asking him to. So this went on for a few days. Him ignoring the dishes and me not saying anything but getting more and more frustrated. Eventually we were eating off lids and out of pots and I was about to go crazy. He would ask me what was wrong and I would say "nothing". Because I knew that if he really loved me he would KNOW what was wrong. Eventually he said something along the lines of "wow, we sure have a lot of dishes to do" and smiled. And I exploded. World war 3 had just begun in our tiny kitchen in Regina. I yelled and screamed and ranted and slammed the door and told him just how stupid he was in no uncertain terms. When he could finally get a word in he said "well, why didn't you just remind me it was my turn to do the dishes?". Then I exploded with renewed force about how if he really loved me I wouldn't have to act like his mother etc etc etc. The poor man was completely baffled that I was so upset over dishes of all things. By this time I had begun LOUDLY doing the dishes and he feared for his well being. I'm pretty sure he thought I was going to chuck a few of those dishes at him any minute. But my husband is calm. I am a raging sea of torrential emotions and my husband is calm. Eventually I realized that I was the only one freaking out and I returned to a somewhat sane state of being and we began talking through things. Several hours later he said "you know, if I ask you what is wrong and you say nothing you are lying." At this point I wanted to freak out again and I realized anew the downside of being married to a theology graduate. But I also realized he was right. He said "You don't have to tell me what is wrong if you don't want to. But I am not a mind reader and so if you say everything is fine I am going to believe you. And you can't be mad at me for that. You can say you don't want to talk about it. You can say "You're an idiot" but if you say "Nothing" then that is you lying. And me forgetting to do the dishes has nothing to do with how much I love you. And no one can read your mind and no matter how much I love you I still won't be able to read your mind.". So we made a pact. I agreed that my saying "nothing" was actually lying and he agreed not to get upset when I reminded him to do things... as long as I reminded him nicely.

This has worked remarkably well.

I love my husband. He is a good man and a keeper.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Pin It

There is nothing like trying to find an outfit for church Sunday morning to make you realize just how much you hate your body.

Now normally I don't complain about my body too much... it just seems there is no point and my weight tends to go up and down depending on my thyroid medication anyway.

But there are certain things that I am finding rather frustrating right now. Last year - before my surprise pregnancy with Olivia- I had lost 35 pounds. I was really excited about that because it meant I could finally get back into normal sized clothes and an x-large actually fit me. It was thrilling not to have to shop in plus sizes.

But alas, I had only been in that state for a mere 2 months when I found out I was pregnant with Olivia.

Now don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have Olivia. I would do it again ... not that it was planned but that isn't the point.

I am just frustrated because technically I am only 10 pounds heavier than my glorious state of last year. But my body has completely altered its shape. And not for the better. I feel fatter now than I did when I was 25 pounds heavier. Things don't fit right. Clothes look all wrong. And breastfeeding has completely altered my understanding of the word "perky".

Now some of you may be saying "but this is your third child. You should have expected this". But here is the thing... it is different! Apparently my body was ok with me destroying it twice with Aiden and Owen but with Olivia it said "no way, three is too many. I'm done. I'm heading south permanently."

And the real kicker is I weighed less the day before I gave birth to Olivia than I did before I lost my weight last year. But I look way heavier now. And that just sucks.

Which leads me to my main point. Why bother trying to lose weight anyway? It clearly makes no difference. I shall just resign myself to mommy tummy and fat clothes. Shopping in plus size stores isn't so bad. And Olivia is worth it.

So there.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What gardens were REALLY meant for

Pin It It is another gloriously sunny day here in our little corner of Saskatchewan and my sons have found a new pastime. Playing in mud. What could be better?
At one point Aiden told me that he is building a pool for us to swim in. Sounds... muddy.

And yes, Aiden is wearing his grandma's rubber boots. Yes, he does have his own but he couldn't wear them today because he had filled them with so much water yesterday that they are still wet. Now grandma's rubber boots are wet inside too.

But they sure are having fun!

Who needs a garden anyway?

The Rain has Ended

Pin It My mom came to spend the day with us yesterday and it was the first sunny day we've had in over a week. What a relief to let the boys run around our yard - they had some serious cabin fever building up!Olivia loves Grandma and as you can see Grandma is rather taken with her as well.

Here is Owen using his digger to put mud from the unused flower bed onto our deck. As a point of interest he is wearing the sweater my phenomenal mother-in-law made for him. She is unbelievably crafty.
Aiden decided that rubber boots were meant to be filled with water. He did this several times and took great delight in pouring the water out and refilling them again. And in case you noticed that my sons are dressed for two different seasons- Aiden is obsessed with summer clothes and Owen is obsessed with winter clothes. I let them choose their own outfits most of the time and it gives me a few laughs.
Olivia took her nap on our deck. She fell asleep watching the beautiful Saskatchewan sky. Of course the downside of napping outside is the mosquitoes which are out in all their glory. I kept swatting them away from her but she still managed to get a few bites.
Aiden calls his big wheels bike his motorcycle and Owen is dragging his "tractor" around informing us how fast it is. They both have bikes. They honestly believe their toddler toys are faster. Kids.
It was so lovely to be outside. I love outside. Except the mosquitoes. I hate them. Of course as I mentioned in my last entry the day ended dreadfully with Aiden being so sick but it was still glorious to enjoy the sunshine.

the dawning of chicken pox?

Pin It Olivia has been working on her rolling over skill and she is doing very well at it I must say. She can roll in one direction indefinitely.... but going the other direction seems to be a lot more frustrating. She is still sick though so I figure its just a matter of time before she can maneuver herself all over the room.

I have begun the diligent baby-proofing and I must tell you all that it is SIGNIFICANTLY harder to do when you have older kid toys around. Seriously, Lego is an unbelievable choking hazard and my son's favourite toy ever. This is not the best combination.

My husband tried to make our basement more desirable to our sons by making them a cool Lego table to play Lego's on and we put pretty much all their toys down there... but they still don't really like it. It's cold. And I'm not there. I'm going to keep trying though.

In other news last night seriously SUCKED. Aiden woke up about 2 hours after I put him to bed with a fever of 103' and all sorts of other "I'm sick mommy" feelings. Doug was out running youth group. Olivia and I both started a perscription yesterday but of course it hasn't helped yet so she was feeling yucky and I am feeling like I got hit by a truck. The only one sleeping relatively peacefully was Owen. So I called the doctor to try and figure out if I should take Aiden in to see someone or not. I am totally paranoid about meningitis because a friend of mine from church just had a niece die of it a couple weeks ago. The doctor assured me it didn't sound like meningitis, it sounded like he was coming down with chicken pox... which happens to be going around our community right now. So I looked up chicken pox on the internet and found out that yes, it does sound like that. So now I am waiting for the dreadful spots to appear. He woke up feeling ok this morning, just a stuffy nose. So we'll see. Crazy kid sicknesses.

Can I just tell you all how much I am NOT looking forward to having 3 kids with chicken pox... if that is what it turns out to be? And the timing really sucks too. Poor Aiden has his last day of pre-kindergarten and his year end ceremony this week... which he will not be able to attend if he does have chicken pox. And Monday is my husband's birthday. And Doug and I (and Olivia) are supposed to go away in a week and a half to our church denomination's district conference. It is only a couple days but my mom has agreed to watch the boys for us so we can go. Of course we won't be going anywhere if I have 3 kids with chicken pox.


I don't think the lack of sleep is helping me get over this blasted cold... which I was informed yesterday is actually likely bronchitis. Whatever. It doesn't matter what you call it, I still won't get more sleep.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What if this is as good as it gets?

Pin It So today I was feeling rather depressed... perhaps because I am being taken off my postpartum anti-depressants, perhaps my thyroid is acting up, or perhaps just because I am myself... but in any case it was a crappy day.
My kids fought with each other all day.
Owen pushed Aiden down the stairs... luckily it was only 4 stairs but it still hurt.
Owen kicked and pushed and hit me because he was mad at me for taking away the plastic snake he was hitting his siblings with.
Aiden called me names (a cow and a diaper to be exact).
I put the boys in their rooms to settle down and they stood on their beds (which are side by side about a foot apart) and threw toys and books and insults at each other.
I even had to call my husband home to deal with them because Olivia was screaming because the boys kept waking her up or "accidentally" injuring her and because I thought if one more thing went wrong I was going to beat them all mercilessly. So I called my husband on the phone and said "If you want your children to be uninjured you have to come home now and I don't care if you have to quit your job to do so".
He came home.
He rescued me.
Then I ranted at him for awhile about how much my life sucks (poor me, hear the violins playing in the background).
Then he went back to work and the boys went back to fighting.
By the time bedtime rolled around I was seriously done.

Anyway, I managed to glance at our movies and noticed one of my fav's "As Good As It Gets" with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt in it. If you've never seen it, do. It's hilarious. Anyway it reminded me of some classic quotes that I resonate with and I would like to share with you all.

[to a group of depressed psychiatric patients]
Melvin Udall: What if this is as good as it gets?

Melvin Udall:"Sell crazy someplace else we're all stocked up here"

Carol Connelly: Melvin, I'd rather not.
Melvin Udall: What does that got to do with it?
Carol Connelly: Funny, I thought it was a strong point.

Melvin Udall: I can't get back to my old life. She's evicted me from my life!
Simon Bishop: Did you really like it all that much?

Melvin Udall: You're a disgrace to depression.

Carol Connelly: How are you?
Simon Bishop: Don't ask. I'm tired of my own complaints. I need to get some new thoughts.
Carol Connelly: Why? What are you thinking about now?
Simon Bishop: How to die, mostly.
Carol Connelly: To think that in our little mix you're the good roommate.

Ah, a good laugh can make anyone feel better.

Olivia vs. the lego

Pin It
Just in case any of you were wondering Lego will make lego-sized impressions on your infant daughter if it is pressed hard enough into her delicate forehead by your 5 year old son.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Pin It My friend Becky told me today that there was a story on the news about a newborn baby being found in the toilet at Wal-Mart on Monday. This is the same Wal-Mart where I was shopping for jeans on the very same day. Apparently some poor soul was terrified enough to give birth SILENTLY in the bathroom stall in Wal-Mart and then leave the baby there (who was found and revived and handed over to social services later). My heart aches for that baby and for the young woman who was desperate enough to put herself in that situation.

Our world is so broken. It makes me want to weep.

We really need Jesus.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photos from the family visit

Pin It Here are some fun pictures from our week with my Auntie Shirley and Uncle Les.

1. Olivia looking cute all wrapped up in her towel after her bath.

2. Sitting around visiting- so nice to be with family! My mom Patricia is holding Olivia, Aiden is sitting on the computer chair (where I happen to be right now) and Owen is sitting on the couch with my Uncle.

3. Owen and my Uncle drinking coffee... well, Uncle is drinking coffee, Owen drinking chocolate milk. As a point of interest my sons took to calling my uncle "Grandpa" and no matter how many times we explained that he is not grandpa, rather great Uncle, they didn't seem to believe us. After all, Owen explained to me, "he looks like a grandpa". This is true. He is a grandpa, I replied, just not YOUR grandpa. Oh well. It was pretty cute.
4. Aiden telling jokes to a captive audience. Both Grandma and Olivia think Aiden is hilarious.
5. Me having some quality time with my dear Aunt... with a kid climbing on my back of course.
6. Tea time with my Aunt and my daughter.

7. The boys playing outside with their new favourite playmate- Great Uncle Les (aka grampa) who also happens to be wearing Owen's cowboy hat.
8. Aiden climbing in and out of a stack of tires. Why? Well, why not?
9. Great Uncle Les teaching the boys some basketball tricks.

10. Owen and Uncle Les on the swings.
11. Very happy Aiden.
12. Very happy Owen.
13. Great Uncle Les attempting to comfort a not-so-feeling-well Olivia.
14. Olivia looking stylish in her fake leather pants and colourful poncho (I love hand-me-downs).

15. The whole family at church. Standing: Grandma Patricia, Uncle Les
Second Row: my husband Doug, me, Aunt Shirley
Front Row: Aiden, Owen, Olivia

The Robertson's are going to Ontario

Pin It It's official.

The Robertson family will be visiting Ontario this summer.

We will be carting our brood across the country via Air Canada for a 3 week stay out east. We will start and end in Ottawa but we are hoping to make it out to the Toronto area for a week too.

So all you friends of ours out there.... take notice. This is a limited time offer. We will be there from June 25 to July 17. That's it. And we won't have our own vehicle so if you want to see us you have to make the effort since I am very unlikely to walk to your house carting my 3 children along.

Aren't you all so excited?


Pin It Something about rainy days makes me feel a little on the blue side. Plus I am still sick. Really sick. I have lungs full of icky green stuff. Gross. And Olivia is sick too. And the boys. Apparently we are never going to get better.

I said good-bye to my sweet Aunt and Uncle on Sunday afternoon. So sad. I loved having them here. Even though every last one of us was sick. Now I shall miss them even more, having seen them so briefly.

Yesterday I tried to purchase jeans for myself. Seems like a simple task. But I failed. Apparently everyone is either skinnier, shorter, or wider than myself. It would seem I am the wrong shape altogether.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Who needs a vacation anyway?

Pin It So we are in the midst of trying to plan our summer vacation. Yes, it is kind of late to start planning but we had to wait until we got our income tax return back to find out how much money we have to spend. Anyway, we were hoping to go out east to introduce Olivia to Doug's family out there but WOW is it expensive to travel that far! If we drive it will take us 4 full days of driving, at least 2 nights of hotels, meals and snacks, and GAS at $1.15 a litre. One way. So basically for a 3 week vacation we spend 8 of those days driving 8 to 10 hours a day. With 3 kids.

So we looked into taking the train because VIA rail has a "kid's travel free" deal going on this summer. But it would still take us 44 hours and $1600 plus meals to get there. Not to mention the 44 hours trapped in a train with my 3 kids. And I would have to hold Olivia on my lap the ENTIRE time. If we put her in her car seat we have to purchase her a ticket.

That leaves flying. For the low low price (not) of $2200 we can fly all 5 of us there. Only 10 or so hours of travel (including lay overs) and we would likely have to fly in the middle of the night. But then we won't have access to a vehicle while on our vacation and it is pretty hard to find people who have vehicles big enough to cart around a family of 5. Not to mention the fact that the tickets take up a GIGANTIC portion of our budget for the entire vacation.

The moral of the story is I'm frustrated.

We really do need to go away somewhere for my husband's rest and sanity. If we stay here in town he won't really have a vacation. But going anywhere is insanely expensive. Sigh.

The fact that I am still sick and my 3 kids are still sick probably isn't helping my outlook so I think I shall just stop thinking about it for now.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Snow in MAY!

Pin It It snowed today. I am not impressed.
And I am still sick.
And Olivia is sick.
So is Owen.
And Aiden.
And my visiting Aunt.
And my mom.
Only Doug and my uncle have escaped the wrath of the spring cold.
So far.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting to know Olivia

Pin It My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Les are here visiting us this week and I am enjoying it so much! Here are a couple pictures of them with Olivia.
My uncle is a retired pastor so he and my husband have a lot in common and are enjoying each other's company as well. I have always been very close to them and this is the very first time I have ever had the opportunity to host them in my own home! Usually it is me visiting their house, not the other way around. What a treat for me!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Pin It I'm sick.
I hate it when I am sick.
Especially when my aunt and uncle are here visiting and I want to enjoy the visit, not spend my time blowing my nose and hacking out a lung.

I have decided to tell this cold I have no time for it so it should just go away.

I am really enjoying my aunt & uncle though. I love them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clean house... finally

Pin It Oh people.
My house looks so fabulous right now! I have been cleaning steady since 6 am this morning and I could just bask in the cleanliness!
(You can tell by my excitement that my house is not often this clean... sad... but true).
I decided that I didn't want to spend my entire visit with my aunt and uncle cleaning my house or worrying about cleaning my house (not that they would care... but I would). So I did it all today.

Except the kid's playroom and basement. And the laundry isn't done. It's never done.

But the rest looks so pretty. Feel free to stop by and see it if you happen to be in the area (ha! No one is ever in the area. We live in the middle of nowhere!).

Anyway... my sons have been relatively good during my cleaning frenzy. The poor kids didn't know what was going on half the time. They kept following me around asking what I was doing and offering to "help". At one point they were "explorers on a helping expedition". Here are a couple pictures of them in their explorer outfits.
Yes. Owen is wearing a bike helmet, spiderman jammies and carrying a pencil case and a teddy bear. How that is an explorer outfit I am not sure but he was very proud.

Aiden found the hat my husband bought me on our honeymoon (we went to Salt Spring Island which is a small island off the coast of British Columbia... almost 8 years ago now). Anyway he thinks it is a fabulous explorer hat. Doesn't he look cute?

I hate laundry

Pin It The LAUNDRY... the stinking growing never ending pile of LAUNDRY. ACK!!!

Stupid continuous cleaning... grrrr.

Did I really and honestly and truly sign up for this?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dry !!!

Pin It My eldest son slept all the way through the night and did NOT wet his bed and he was NOT wearing a pull-up diaper! This is the first time he has woken up dry EVER! I am so proud and excited. This picture is Aiden snuggled up in a blanket - he likes to make "nests".

This is a picture of Olivia and I having some time together yesterday (mother's day). She is so sweet.

This is my terrific son Aiden when we were playing outside yesterday.
And here is Owen saying "I not big, I wittle" (I'm not big, I'm little) in response to my telling him he was getting to be such a big boy. He insists that he is not getting bigger at all. He wants to stay little. I keep trying to reassure him that I will still love and hug and snuggle with him even when he is bigger but I don't think he believes me. The poor kid is still adjusting to Olivia's arrival.

I assume someday he will resign himself to the fact that "little" is NOT a word most people would use to describe my 43 lb 3.5 year old.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fantasty vs. Reality

Pin It My Fantasy Mother's Day

Wake up slowly at 10:00 am to a peaceful, quiet, sunshiney morning.
Served a beautiful breakfast of fresh, homemade muffins, or cinnamon buns (I'm not picky) and a hot pot of fresh tea.
Given several bouquets of fresh flowers and a gift certificate for a spa treatment, pedicure, manicure and a hair cut to happen later that same day.
Perfectly well behaved quiet children saying things like "I love you mommy. I'll go play quietly on my own without making a mess or getting hurt or fighting with anyone now."
Babysitter arrives to take my children to the park (or anywhere other than my house) for the day.
Maid arrives to clean the house in my absence.
I leave to enjoy the spa with two of my best friends, Becky and Cecile, where we spend the day relaxing, getting spa treatments, enjoying delicious food and laughing- without our children.
Arrive home to a spotless home, more fresh flowers, perfectly well behaved children and my well-rested, non-stressed out husband.
Enjoy lovely family meal made by my gourmet chef of a husband.
Send still peaceful children to bed having not had a single fight or been required to say no once the entire day.
Spend relaxing romantic evening with my husband, watching a chick flick and going to bed early, where I will sleep peacefully the entire night through without being awoken a single time by anyone or anything.

My Reality Mother's Day

Wake up at 5:00am (after having woken up several times in the night) to my second born son jumping on me and waking up my sleeping infant.
Drag myself wearily to the incredibly messy living room to watch several hours of children's programming on the television.
Take medication.
Feed children.
Share a bowl of cereal with second born son, who insists on sitting on my lap constantly.
Wake up weary, ill husband by barging into his room saying "say happy mother's day to me before I sell our children to traveling gypsy's"
Feed Olivia. Again.
Take short shower.
Get everyone ready for church amidst loud grumblings, mess, and chaos.
Iron husband's shirt so he looks presentable for the mother's day service at church. He is the pastor after all.
Walk wearily to church.
Spend several hours entertaining loud children at church.
Return home exhausted to still messy house with loudly complaining belligerent children.
Watch "The Little Mermaid" and eat grilled hamburgers courtesy of exhausted, still sick, overworked and overstressed husband.
Spend brief time outside in our yard listening to my sons fighting over a shovel.
Take a bath with my baby girl Olivia. (No hope for bathing alone these days)
Vacate tub so my two extremely dirty sons can have their bath.
Put crying Olivia to sleep.
Clean poop off of second sons bedding.
Listen to oldest son sing "Part of my world" from Little Mermaid.
Say no to oldest son when asked to "knit the hole in his jammies fixed".

We'll see how the rest of the day goes but I'm thinking I'm outta luck for my spa day... especially since we don't even have a spa in our town. Oh well.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My very first mother's day gift

Pin It This is my very first mother's day gift EVER from my son Aiden. Isn't it beautiful? He made it at school for me. I seriously almost cried when he gave it to me. And look how well he prints his own name now! I am so proud.

My mom gave me a dozen roses for mother's day too. Aren't they beautiful? Olivia really liked them too...

Olivia wanted to grab the entire vase full of roses and shove them all into her little mouth. She is so funny.
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