Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Sky is Falling

Pin It We rented the Disney movie "Chicken Little" for our sons to watch this week - they love it. But as I have been watching it (for the 8th time now) I felt a certain kinship to Chicken Little. Every once in awhile I run around yelling "THE SKY IS FALLING" and everyone ignores me or thinks I am crazy. Of course sometimes I probably AM just crazy but, like Chicken Little in the movie, sometimes the sky really IS falling. Sometimes there really are important things going on and if we don't DO something about it bad things will happen.

Not to compare myself with the prophets but I think that must have been how the biblical prophets felt when they were proclaiming God's words to the people. Basically they were yelling "hey, you need to wake up, the sky is falling- listen up or you are going to get squashed!". And basically everyone ignored them completely. Makes me wonder how often I ignore the warnings God sends my way.

If you have never seen the movie it is actually quite enjoyable. And hey, it gives me hope that God can teach me a lesson using a secular kid's movie. He is not restricted to church or devotional times. God can speak- and does speak- all the time if only I am willing to listen.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Importance of Friends

Pin It I love my friends.

I think I would go crazy without them.

Over the years I have been blessed with many amazing friends in many different places and I just think it is important to acknowledge the gift from God that they are. I must admit, however, that I have found it somewhat more difficult to find good friends (who don't live a zillion miles away) since I became "the Pastor's Wife". For one thing we keep moving. Plus it would seem that I am not what many people expect in their pastor's wife and this makes it hard for them to simply allow me to be me... completely imperfect, fallible, me.

And so I prayed. For years. I prayed that God would allow me to have a real friend who likes me for me and doesn't care if I can play the piano and serve fabulous dinner parties and who won't share my private thoughts with the entire congregation.

And wouldn't you know it? God answered my prayers and sent me not one, but TWO, amazing friends.

My friends Becky and Cecile are my dear friends here in Tisdale. They are a gift directly from God to me. They are friends with me despite the fact that I am their pastor's wife. They allow me to vent and rant and say all sorts of terribly un-pastor's-wifey things. They are the type of friends that every pastor's wife NEEDS in her church. They are willing to allow me to be me and are willing to share their real selves with me too. They are great and I love them.
And so, to all the pastor's wives out there who have been warned against having friends in their congregations (as I was once warned)... don't listen. We need friends too. And it's ok not to be perfect. There are people out there who WILL accept you for who you really are, we just have to be willing to take that risk! It really is worth it.

Princess Olivia

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I LOVE having a daughter. I am loving dressing Olivia up in all the cute outfits she has been given.
I am definitely getting in touch with my frilly girly side! There is simply nothing cuter than my daughter smiling at me wearing a cute little dress and shiny ballet slippers.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Three cheers for the TV

Pin It I love the TV. I love that it makes my kids happy when I put in a movie for them to watch. I love that while they are entertained I can almost have some time to myself (even if it is in the same room). I love that they stop running and yelling and racing around like crazy people and sit in silence in front of the entertainment box. I love the electronic babysitter. I can't help myself. I would go crazy without it. I could never make it as an Amish mother. Technology is very dear to me.

I know. TV is bad for kids. I know. I even occassionally feel guilty about the fact that my kids are hopelessly addicted to TV. I realize that if I were a better mother I would be teaching them to read right now instead of letting them watch "Finding Nemo" for the hundredth time. I get it. But I can't help it. I NEED the TV.

My only hope is that they are indeed better off, despite their TV addiction, than they would be if I were constantly stressed at them because I never got a break. I try to appease my guilt by encouraging them to watch Veggie Tales and other forms of "educational" and "religious" programming.

Ironically before I had kids I thought I would barely ever let them watch it. I suppose I thought a lot of crazy things about my ability to parent BEFORE I actually had my first child. Reality is a kicker.

I really do love TV.

Olivia is 6 Weeks Old!

Pin It I took my sweet daughter Olivia to her 6 week check-up yesterday and she is a whopping 11lbs 3ozs now. Time flies. Soon she will have outgrown all the adorable newborn clothes we have been given. Speaking of which I am really enjoying all the girly clothes I get to dress her in. Way more fun than boy clothes! I am trying to enjoy the time I have with my kids. I am trying NOT to concentrate on the fact that my house is a complete disaster and I have mountains of laundry to do. I am trying to ignore the annoying things my kids do (like when Owen fell asleep on the couch yesterday and peed all over) and praise them for the good things they do. I find it disconcerting about myself that I find it easier to concentrate on the negative than the positive. I know some of you are naturally positive thinkers. I am not (those of you who know me will be shocked by that admission I am sure... or not). The point is that my kids are a gift from God and I ought to treat them as such.

However I must admit that this is easier to do when all the other stuff of living doesn't get in the way. My dear mother-in-law was visiting us a couple weeks ago and I must say it was incredible to have that kind of help. I really do enjoy my mother-in-law and I would consider her closer to a second mother than a stranger who happens to have birthed my husband. Anyway she spent the whole time she was here cleaning up. She did all the dishes, she did all my laundry, she even cleaned my bathroom for me. It was amazing. Of course now she has returned to Ontario and I am back to barely keeping up with the mess. Oh well, I won't always have 3 small kids. Someday they will be big kids and then adults and I will likely miss the days of chaos that I have now. I wish we all had the ability to see the bigger picture in our lives so we could discern the things that truly don't matter in the long run. Maybe then I would spend more time praying for my family and less time yelling at them to clean up their messes. Maybe.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby Jesus Who?

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This Christmas I learned something disturbing about my family. My son Aiden, 4 years old, did not know who baby Jesus was. He really didn't know. Not a clue. Now, I'm pretty sure we have in fact told him the Christmas story but apparently it did not get through. I guess I won't be applying for the Christian parent of the year award this year. This revelation got me thinking about how I could bump up my sons Christian education. At this point I would like to admit that I have a Bachelor's of Religious Education and I am married to a pastor. The shame. Apparently I know, in theory, how to have great programs for kids and how to pass on the teachings of our faith to others but have massively failed with my own kids.

Anyway, I have decided that teaching at home is simply not enough. Kids need stuff reinforced by other people than their parents. Now this may not be the case for those extraordinary parents who have it all together but for the rest of us who excel in inadequacy we need help.

The logical place for religious instruction would be church. Unfortunately our church has no programs for pre-school kids and from what I hear the program for school age kids isn't that great either. This is not good. I firmly believe that kids are one of, if not the most, important part of any church and if we don't invest some serious time, energy, and resources in them then we will lose them. Right now church is a fun place for my kids because they spend an hour playing with other kids but I want it to hold some greater purpose.

So how does one incite passion in others? How do I communicate the eternal importance of passing our faith on to our children in such a way that makes people actually willing to DO something about it? I don't know. All I know is that whatever it is we are doing right now is not working.
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