Random musings from the land of winter

Olivia has a double ear infection. I waited in our hospital clinic for an hour and a half with a fussy baby for a 3 minute appointment for the doctor to tell me that. Fabulous.

Her first birthday is tomorrow. I ordered a cake. I am NOT making one.

My house is a disaster area. Really bad.

I have about 200 loads of laundry to do.

My boys were mad at me this morning because they had NO pants and NO underwear in their drawers. Luckily there were clean ones in a basket... they were even folded. Just not put away.

My husband is grumpy because he is tired.

Olivia did NOT sleep well last night.

My mom is working today so I can't hit her up for help.

It is darn cold here. -22 degrees Celsius ... which is -7.6 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends.

The winter jacket I bought for Owen less than a month ago broke this week. The zipper is destroyed. So I have to either drive into the city to take it back or send it out to get the zipper replaced. In our town we don't actually have a dry cleaners but we do have a place that will take it to another town for you and they will replace zippers for very cheap. And since I don't have a clue how to replace a zipper I think that is what I will do. In the meantime Owen is wearing his old jacket from last year which has sleeves that are too short for him.

We live about 2 blocks from the elementary school. It SHOULD take about 4 minutes to walk from our house to the school. My sons, however, can make that 2 block walk take a good 20 minutes if I let them. They have to walk in EVERY pile of snow, climb to the top of EVERY snow pile, pick up EVERY chunk of snow and TASTE it (icky), throw themselves butt first into especially fluffy looking piles, etc. etc. etc. This morning I told Owen that I would like to hurry because I was cold. He looked at me and said "You should be wearing your snow pants mommy, then you wouldn't be cold". "Yes", I said, "I should. But I don't HAVE any snow pants so I CAN'T wear them". "Oh." said Owen, "Maybe Santa will bring you some for Christmas and then you can play in the snow with us all day"....

SO if you are listening Santa... DO NOT bring me snow pants for Christmas. I DO NOT want to play in the snow all day. Ever. Instead bring me a maid. If you bring me a maid I promise not to complain to my sons when I am cold on the way to school in the mornings.


Amanda said…
Oh no! Poor Olivia! Ear infections are tough! Hopefully the meds'll do their trick so she's feeling better tomorrow.


Ha, ha. I've had that happen when the kids are out of pants and underwear. It happens with Brian too, the difference is he usually gives me a days notice. Sigh. I feel so on top of things when that happens.

Will's winter jacket broke last year in march...I wish they'd make them better quality!

We live 2 blocks away from the school too. They like to run to school though (since I don't usually put them in their snowpants), so it usually works pretty good...and when it doesn't I tell Nate to go fastoo, fastoo (that's how he says faster and I want him to say it that way forever...it's so cute!)
Anonymous said…
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