The post in which I complain

I had a comment a couple days ago that all I ever do on my blog is complain... well... it is MY blog. And if my complaining bothers you then I invite you NOT to read my blog. Or at least don't read the following post because it is going to contain a hefty dose of complaining...

Olivia is still sick. And wow does she ever hate her medication. She SCREAMS and I have to hold her mouth open to make her take it. Poor kid.

Aiden's asthma is so bad that we had to take him to the hospital to get MORE medication. We go to see the asthma specialist in the city tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to figure something out.

Owen is feeling jealous of all the attention Olivia is getting- both because it was her birthday and because she is sick.

Owen asks me every day if it is time for presents yet. He was very concerned that if we left our house Santa might show up and give up waiting for us and leave without giving us presents. I assured him that Santa would leave the presents anyway but he still has some major concerns. It's pretty funny to hear him talk about the whole Christmas thing. His latest comment is "I sure hope I get some presents" ... as though we might forget to give him a present. Middle child syndrome or something I'm sure.

I am completely overwhelmed by all that I have to do.

I am getting sick.

I had a nice time at a baby shower for my friend Jolene yesterday. Olivia was with me and at one point she face planted into a table leg... she bled and everything. Now her chin has a rather large owie on it. Poor kid.

Ok. I need some tea.
And some clean clothes...
And some time to myself...

seems unlikely.

ta ta for now.


Hi Tara, I came over (from Melodee's "wounds of a stranger") to see why someone said you suck as a Mom (because I DO and I wanted to compare), but all I can see are happy children and a proud mama. And I can't believs someone COMPLAINED to you ON YOUR BLOG that you complain all of the time-- where do these people come from?!
I am happily complaining away on my blog because that way, my husband and children don't have to hear it.... as much. :-)
It's amazing how people think it's ok to complain on someone else's blog about the author's complaining! Just 'x' out if they don't care for it...geez oh pete.

Thanks for the thoughts today, Tara.

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