Tough day

Yesterday the boys decided that Olivia should wear one of their t-shirts... she actually looked pretty darn cute in an oversize blue shirt. And yesterday Olivia said "ball" and "kitty". She really is so very cute. In this picture she is giving me her book about "kitty". This morning Olivia climbed up on the chair with Aiden... Aiden was so thrilled. He loves holding Olivia but usually she doesn't give him the chance. When I looked at this picture I was amazed at how big she looks next to Aiden.
Lately Owen refuses to smile nicely for the camera. This is the face he gives as soon as a camera is pointed in his direction.
Olivia on the other hand gives beautiful smiles all the time...
Isn't she cute? I realize I am biased but I really do think she's cute.

Today I am helping with a funeral lunch. The funeral is for a teenager who died of cancer. I firmly believe that no mother should ever have to watch her son die of cancer. Cancer is evil.

My mom is going to babysit the boys while I am at the church. Since these things usually take quite a long time I will be taking Olivia with me. I am not sure what I will do with her yet... I guess she will get to play on the kitchen floor or something. Doesn't exactly sound safe... perhaps I will have to enlist a willing baby-holder. My dear friend Becky's husband offered to hold her during the funeral which is perfect. He is fabulous with babies. He knows all sorts of soothing tricks because he is an occupational therapist. He has given me good ideas that have helped with calming Aiden down too.

Anyway, funeral days are always hard but I must say that this one is especially hard because Tyler was so young. I know that he is fine, he's in heaven dancing with Jesus fully healed and happy. But every time I look at his grieving mother and siblings I can barely stand it.


I will be praying for you!!!
Moose said…
You're not biased. She is darling! Blue is a good color on her, too.

I agree. If anything in this world needs a sweeping cure, it's cancer, especially childhood cancer.

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