My friend Colleen is in the hospital

I am feeling rather sad right now. My dear friend Colleen was in a car accident and she is in the hospital. The accident was bad bad bad. Colleen and her mother were alone in the vehicle and her mother passed away at the scene of the crash. Colleen is also 6 weeks pregnant. She has some broken bones and is really banged up. They did hear baby's heartbeat at the hospital so hopefully everything will be ok in that regard.

Anyway... please pray for my friend Colleen and her husband Glen and their daughters Mariah and Abbigail and baby in utero. Also please pray for Colleen's family as they deal with the devastating loss of Colleen's mom.

These pictures were taken this past summer when Colleen and Glen came to visit us. (Colleen is the beautiful blonde in the middle.) We had so much fun. It is at times like this that I REALLY wish we lived down the street from them so that I could BE THERE during this crisis. Instead I am a million miles away. But I AM praying.



Judy said…
Oh, Tara.

I am so sorry.
Colleen said…
I know Colleen! I worked alongside her for a short period of time whilst I was the receptionist at First Alliance in Calgary! I will definitely keep her and her family in my prayers.

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