My day in pictures

I have been feeling rather emotional about my friend Colleen and her accident... please keep praying for her and her family if you happen to be the praying type.

Overall though I have had a pretty decent couple days.

This is my super cute Mommy. I love my mom. She helps me out. My kids love my mom. My mom loves my kids. We've got a regular ol' love fest going on around here. She also works at Extra Foods... hence the super cool red shirt that she just loves (insert sarcasm here).This is my kitten Shadow... you will notice that he is HUGE already and only 6 months old. That means he will get EVEN bigger. He is really an amazingly good cat though. Yesterday Olivia crawled up to him while he was sleeping peacefully on this chair and grabbed handfuls of his fur and yanked. Hard. He only looked a little insulted and batted (with no claws) at her hand. She was insulted by this reaction but I am just so proud of Shadow that he didn't maul her!
Aiden and Owen drew all over themselves last night. They both did a fabulous job but only Aiden would let me take his picture...
Here is the post-drawing bath. I can't believe I have 3 kids. Someday I am sure they will be annoyed at me that I put them in the bath all together but I just can't figure out how to fit 3 separate baths into my tight time schedule. HA.
Owen went to school this morning and while he was gone Aiden built a "machine" out of all the toys in the living room. He is so very creative. I realize it doesn't actually look like a machine but believe me... he had it all figured out. I think it was a spaceship of some sort. I think.

Olivia has some new tricks ... this is her actually tipping the sippy cup up- on her own- to drink from it. Before now she has always required me to tip the cup for her.
And here she is patting her mouth and singing making funny sounds. She is darn cute that baby of mine.This is Owen sneaking sips from my tea cup today... he loves tea. Like mother like son I guess.
Here is Miss. Olivia showing off her standing up skills... still refuses to walk but she can stand up like a pro.

Here she is trying to destroy Aiden's "machine"... he was not impressed.
And here is my very first attempt at posting a video... I realize it isn't the best video but it shows my mom playing with Olivia and I thought it was cute. Enjoy.


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