Dating Wal Mart style

We took a trip to "the city" today to visit one of my favourite stores ever- Wal Mart. I love it there. I got a whole bunch of summer clothes for myself today at the whopping price of $4.00 for a pair of pants, $2.00 for a t-shirt. Nothing wrong with that. Especially since I wear plus sized clothes and they usually cost way more than regular sized.

And yes, I realize it is winter. I know we will have snow for months and months. And yes, I also know that summer won't arrive for another 6 months. But in 6 months the very same clothes I bought today will cost 4 times what I paid for them this afternoon. And really, on the off chance that I lose so much weight between now and then (hardy har har) that my newly purchased summer clothes don't fit I shall simply donate them to some other poor soul and purchase a whole new wardrobe. So there.

Our main reason for the trip was to buy the boys new snow suits and boots since they are rapidly growing out of their present ones. Typically they only had one kind of snowsuit available and so my poor sons will AGAIN be clad in matching outfits all winter long. I don't do it on purpose. But they are basically the same size and apparently whenever I go looking the store people hide all the other kinds of snowsuits so that my sons are forced to match. I'm sure someday they will look at the pictures and be annoyed at me but I'll just tell them it was a conspiracy.

We also managed to lock our keys in the van and had to pay a towing company to get us in. Gotta love being scatterbrained.

I also had a very nice visit with my husband while we drove the hour and half each way. Sometimes it seems like the only time we really get to visit with each other is when the kids are all quarantined in their car seats! It's almost like a date.

A really crappy date... but a date none the less!


Too funny...I saw your comment on 5 Minutes for Mom and you said 'nice name, eh?' You totally pegged yourself as a fellow Canadian. Just HAD to come & check you out!

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