Three Cheers for Grandma

My mom took the boys to her house today. She picked them up at 10:00 am and it is now 2pm and they still aren't home. I got to have a nap when Olivia napped this morning. It was beautiful.


Hi Tara,

I'm actually writing on your blog! Way to go gramma - how nice she's close enough to help and enjoy. Sometime I'd love to hear how everything has turned out for you with all the church "stuff". Love ya,
Just Me said…
Hey how goes it?? I see your mom is visiting - nice!! Whenever my visited, the kids got new clothes...I didn't have to cook and my fridge got cleaned out! ( Mind you, I'd have to listen to her tell me what she'd found in there...but it was worth it!) Hope you're enjoying your week!

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