Today my husband made us a wonderful Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Mmmmmm.

But you know what? Holidays with three kids is perhaps less of a "holiday" than one might hope. Mostly it is just like every other day... except with extra work. But it was a good day and I really am very thankful for my sweet family. My mom came and spent the day with us which is always nice- an extra pair of hands and eyes never hurts!

My baby girl is 10 months old today. It actually makes me pretty sad that she is growing up so fast! I just want her to slow down a bit. I am really enjoying her sweet baby phase. She had her very first Thanksgiving meal today and she loved it. I dressed her up in her pretty little pink dress so she could get food all over it. I just think she looks so darn cute in those sweet little dresses! Even stuffing food into her cute mouth with her tiny hands she still looks beautiful to me. And I must say, even though Olivia was unplanned (by me) I am so very thankful to God that He gave me the little girl I have always dreamt of having.
And of course I am also thankful for my darling sons. After supper the three of us went outside and played for awhile and they really are very sweet boys. And Oh the imaginations they have! Incredible. But you know what? I really really really wish they didn't have such HUGE issues with eating. Especially Aiden. Actually, it is probably mostly Aiden but because he is the big brother Owen just copies the "I hate food and eating" attitude.

Instead of eating the beautiful yummy meal my husband prepared for us they chose to eat a bun. That's it.
We made them try ONE BITE of ANYTHING else on the table. They both chose carrots. One bite. Aiden even gagged on it. HE LIKES CARROTS! As long as they are raw. Apparently if you cook them they become inedible. Sheesh. It is enough to drive the sanest person crazy... and since I am well on my way to crazy already it doesn't take much to send me right over the edge!
I'm amazed they haven't starved to death. Actually, I think Aiden would be happy to subsist on bread products alone if only I would let him.

But he really is very sensitive. When he saw my husband take the turkey out of the oven and start to carve it up he started to cry. He was very distressed that we were eating a turkey. I tried to explain that this was a turkey for eating, just like the chickens that he willingly eats, but he didn't believe me. He asked to go play with turkeys at a farm.

I don't think I know any farmers around here who "play" with their turkeys. Unless you consider beheading them playing.

I didn't tell Aiden that though.

I may have a future vegetarian on my hands... which is just fine with me if he would actually eat vegetables.

Anyway, I love holiday meals even if they are more stressful. Partly because it is the only time I bring out my china. I inherited my pretty china dishes from my Grandma and I love them. They remind me of her. Plus I just love roses.

My Grandma was a pastor's wife as well. She did not live long enough to see me get married. Neither did my Grandpa who passed away when I was in high school. It's sad though because I never really understood my grandma when she was alive. I didn't get her at all. NOW I get her. Now that I am the pastor's wife I understand her life so much better. I suspect I am a lot like her in many ways.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


Diane said…
Here by way of another blog....just doing a little blog surfing this morning--well, into the afternoon. It is refreshing to read about your Thanksgiving Holiday....yes, Holdiay's with children are much like any day...only with more work.

You have a great blog here...I appreciate your authenticity in parenting. While my own children are grown (and nearly grown, the youngest is almost 16), I so remember the days when the housework went undone and the laundry piled up. Shoot--who am I kidding...that still happens! Yet, children are truly God's housework can be ignored. I don't find any scripture that dictates I must attend to every dust bunny and spill! Oh--maybe that Proverbs 31 lady--she must have very lonely!!!

God Bless you!

Robin said…
My second daughter was always very picky eating. Today she IS a vegetarian. But she also eats lots of weird stuff she NEVER would have eaten as a child. Go figure!
Amanda Franks said…
Yay to Doug for making dinner! Such a nice treat for you to have that holiday dinner captain by someone else. Your description of dinner sounds like dinner at our house pretty much all the time. Belle isn't all that into food right now, but someone they find the nutrients they need, how do they do it!

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