Owen's birthday party

Today we had Owen's 4th birthday party. I think it went pretty well! We had 9 of the most adorable 3-5 year olds around at our house (not to mention 3 very sweet babies). I even got to have a nice visit with a few of the moms which was fun.

Here is Owen opening his presents. He was so excited. I always find it fun to watch how ALL of the kids jump in to participate in the gift opening. They are just so cute. In this picture it is Owen (looking at the camera), Aiden in the green shirt, Kylie in the pink and Ben in the beige. Kylie and Ben are in Owen's class at school.
We had most of the party in our basement which is our kids playroom. I didn't really plan any particular activities for them to do, I just let them play. I find that kids are usually pretty good at playing together as long as there are plenty of toys so they don't have to share too much!

In this picture Shyla and Aiden are playing together. Aiden calls Shyla his girlfriend. They are in kindergarten together. Shyla is very patient with Aiden for the most part. She just smiles nicely at him while he pretends to be a robot to her.
I love the excited looks on Kylie's and Ryden's faces in this picture- I was lighting a match to light the birthday candles. They were very impressed. And yes, Owen is still obsessed with his Cowboy Woody halloween costume- hence the super cool Cowboy hat.
Cowboy Owen enjoyed his birthday cake with Buzz Lightyear and Woody on it. He wanted a Cars/Buzz/Woody birthday party, so that is what he got.

Here are some of the super cute kiddos eating birthday cake while the parents stand around watching... we just don't have enough places to sit in our not-so-big kitchen!
And sweet baby Jonathyn took his very first steps today at the birthday party! He was so proud of himself. He turned one this week and he is so cute.
Last year we had a party for Owen but I don't think he really "got" what was going on. This year he GOT it. He loved it. When his guests were leaving he said "Does this mean my birthday is over now?" He was rather sad to be done. But man he was cute. And he was SOOO good today. Aiden was pretty good too. Aiden gets a little over-excited when there are lots of other kids around but he did really well sharing and he didn't even freak out that Owen was getting gifts and he wasn't. I was proud of him.

Overall I think the party was a success. And boy was I ever tired after all was said and done! And just as my husband was starting to cook supper the power went out here... so I ate cereal. Yummy. Now I plan to go to sleep and try to recover from our exciting day!


Judy said…
What a FUN party!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are SO cute!

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