Olivia meets whipped cream

I realize many of you celebrated Thanksgiving today, or perhaps yesterday, or in the case of my American friends not for several weeks yet... but we will be having our turkey day tomorrow. It is the only day that both my husband and my mother have off of work. I am really looking forward to Turkey dinner. It is probably my most absolute favourite meal of the year (along with the Christmas turkey dinner). And the best part of it is that MY HUSBAND is the chef in our family and therefore HE cooks the ENTIRE meal. Yes he does. And he does it AMAZINGLY well. He makes such good food. I pitch in a help occasionally but he does all the hard (and good) stuff.

Today I was not able to go to church because I have bronchitis pretty bad... and so does Olivia... and so do the boys. Doug has escaped thus far, but he usually does. I have asthma and so do the boys so we get sick far more than Doug does. I am hoping Olivia doesn't have asthma but I must admit it isn't looking good. Poor kid. On the up side her measles seem to be gone for good. On the down side she still seems to be teething. She still has no teeth. She turns 10 months old tomorrow. I'm sure she'll get some soon though.

I have been tremendously lax on the housecleaning over the past few days... mostly because I felt like I had been run over by a very large truck. And although I still feel gross today I finally got to the point where I just HAD to clean up. I refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving in a house that looks like a bomb went off in it. Why I was fine with the chic bomb look for the past several days and not today I don't know. And yes, I realize that it will look horrible again by tomorrow night. Ok, tomorrow mid-morning. But that isn't the point. It looks pretty good right now.

But I think I overdid it a bit. I am all wheezy and on the shaky side - side effects of my asthma and the whole lack of oxygen thing. So I am planning on going to bed early. As soon as I can convince Olivia she is sleepy. Of course she is still a tad wired from the whipped cream she consumed. Yes. That was grandma's idea. But I really didn't protest all that much. She just looked so darn cute.

Oh. And the boys got up at 5:30 AM this morning. That is just far too early. So OF COURSE they were exhausted by lunchtime and rather than deal with their whining I made them take a nap... they were asleep in 15 seconds. The up side of that was I got a LOT done while they slept. The down side is that now it is almost 9 pm and they are still awake. Wide awake. My boys don't usually nap and they go to bed early- like 7 pm most nights. They get up every morning faithfully in the 6 am hour no matter what time they go to bed. Hence the early bed time.

Luckily Doug is a night owl and has offered to stay up with them and put them to bed without my help tonight so that I can go to sleep early.

And yes, I'm sure you all wanted to know that vital information about me and my family.

And we were visited this afternoon by the yard fairy... well, actually it was just a really amazingly nice guy from our church who came over and mowed our lawn for us! Seriously! So thanks Todd- that was a wonderful gift to us!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Shash said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Shash said…
You said you live in a small town, can I ask where? I'm not being nosey... you can email me privately if you wish

shasher_72 at hotmail dot come
Bebemiqui said…
Happy Thanksgiving!! Sorry that illness is continuing to invade your house and lungs. :0(

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