My son is Awesome.


Oh people. I can not tell you what a relief it is that my son had a good day at kindergarten today. His wonderful teacher told me he was good today. I prayed so hard.

I was playing around with my husband's cool camera today and I took some random pictures and thought I would share them with you.

This is a picture of my son Aiden's favourite things. His bike helmet- because it has red flames on it. His blue light sabre- which I think is actually his dad's but he loves to play star wars. And his lego. He creates many fascinating things every day with lego- this is a spaceship he made. And here is a picture of my son Owen's favourite things. His cowboy Woody doll (from the movie Toy Story)- notice he had me write his name on Woody's boot, just like the boy in Toy Story does. His Lightning McQueen car- he dearly loves that car. And his blankie. He has loved blankie since he was old enough to get his fingers and toes through its holes. It can never wear out. Ever. Or we will be in a lot of trouble.
And here are a couple pictures of the last few brave flowers in my planter on my front deck.

Pretty pansies. Too bad they won't last all winter long.

I am feeling a little emotionally drained today. A little on the sad side. Feel free to pray for my family this week. And continue to pray that Aiden has good days at school! I am so proud of him.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tara
It's Allicia- remember me, from CBC, WW II? (I'm not even positive that is what the dorm was called; on the topic of this blog, I felt like I fit even LESS into that culture than into the church one. So that note made me feel all sympathetic...). Just thought I would finally say hi and that I love your blog. I only started reading it a few months ago- around when I found out Jinny was pregnant. It is the most real (not counting "here are my deep thoughts" blogs) blog I've seen, feels totally honest and it's pretty entertaining -at least for me :) I really root for your kids- who are very, very cute.

Anyway, have a great weekend babe,


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