Mother of the Year Strikes Again

It's time for another "Mother of the Year" award. Before my big confession of what I have done to deserve this honour let me explain one thing... I am an only child. I do NOT understand sibling relationships. I don't understand how siblings can love each other and yet still be so incredibly mean to each other. I don't get it. If I had EVER talked that way to my friends, or ACTED that way toward my friends we would not have been friends. Plus I would have gotten in a lot of trouble.

So this morning my sons were having a "sibling" moment. Aiden was going outside to blow bubbles (left over from the birthday party) and Owen was following him. Aiden looked directly at his brother, glared at him and then slammed the door on Owen's little hand. Owen's thumb got caught in the door and Owen cried. A lot.

I was FURIOUS at Aiden. I lifted up my crying son all the while yelling at Aiden things like "look what you did!" and "what were you thinking?" and then my crowning achievment
"don't act like such a jerk to your brother".

Nice eh?

By this time Aiden is crying. Doug has rushed to the kitchen wondering what has happened that would cause me to call my eldest son a jerk. I have taken Owen to the bathroom to wash the blood of his hand. And we have less than 5 minutes until we have to leave for school.

I was still boiling mad.

It took me until I had returned from taking Owen to school to calm down. And then I apologized to Aiden. A lot. I told him it was wrong of Mommy to call him names. He told me that I should say sorry right away. I told him he was right and said sorry again. He told me that when I called him a jerk he felt bad inside. I said sorry again. And felt like a jerk.

But honestly, every time I see that "I'm going to hurt you on purpose" look it just makes me so mad!! My husband has tried to explain to me many times that he isn't really thinking he will hurt his brother. He just wants to get rid of him. Which, in my opinion, still hurts him- just not physically.

Anyway, the point is I don't get it.

So that is why I am the mother of the year... again.


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