Making Play doh is fun

I got to go to school with Owen this morning to make play doh. We had lot of fun together. He is just SUCH a GOOD boy. It is a real pleasure to go on outings with him. And he is darn cute. His teacher got engaged this past weekend and when she showed Owen her ring he said "but it's so small!" and that cracked me up. Actually it is a lovely ring but oh to see the world through the eyes of a 4 year old.

And Aiden had an OK day at school today. Which is a huge improvement over a horrible day. As a reward he got his star wars halloween costume returned to him. He is wearing it right now watching CARS movie.

I took this cute picture of Olivia today. She still isn't feeling 100% but she is such a sweetie anyway. She is sitting on the partially- possibly- never-going-to-get-finished pink blanket I am attempting to crochet for her. The blanket underneath is the blanket my Grandma made for me when I was Olivia's age.

Now we have to go grocery shopping. Fun times.


Amanda Franks said…
Olivia just keeps getting cuter and cuter, (if that's possible!). So glad to her that Aiden had a good day at school, I hope it's the beginning of a trend for you guys.
Judy said…
Olivia is SO darling!

I'm glad to hear that Aiden is doing some better. Remember that it all happens slowly, so hopefully when you look back in a few more weeks, you will see a lot of little improvements adding up to huge milestones.

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