Lovely morning

This has been a very nice morning. Both my boys are in school this morning and my husband stayed home to hang out with Olivia and I. It has been so lovely. I got to take an extra long shower. I gave Olivia a bath. It was peaceful. No fighting, yelling, throwing toys, whining... just nice.

I am really hoping and praying that Aiden is having a good day at school today. He got grounded from his favourite toys this week for the dreadful things he said to his teacher on Tuesday. I told him that if he is really good today he can have some of them back but if he tries to run away again or if he calls his teacher names then the toys stay put away. We'll see how it goes.

It is a super grey cold looking day... looks like snow actually. Which is a shame really because Owen's birthday party is on Saturday and I was hoping for an unusually warm day so the kids could play in our back yard. Doesn't look good. I guess I'll have to ready the basement for the troops.

Speaking of Owen's birthday... it is tomorrow. I am not ready. I have no wrapped his present. I have no card. I have no cake. The house is still a mess. And Owen is still sick. Poor kid.

Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for my dishwasher? I love my dishwasher. And my vacuum cleaner. I would be in a lot of trouble without them. Those pioneer women were sure made of tougher stuff than I am. I would really suck at washing my clothes in the creek and spending all day cooking one meal then carting the dishes down to the stream... or carting the water to the house to wash them. And how did they keep their babies from eating dirt off the floor when the floor WAS dirt?

Nope. I couldn't have done it. So thanks God for putting me in this present time.


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