Hands are for helping, not hurting.

Last night my mom gave Olivia her bath and Olivia had SO much fun! She spent her time flinging herself forward onto her tummy and kicking her little legs like she was swimming. It was great fun to watch.
This morning Owen wanted to play the "cymbals"... poor daddy was trying to sleep and I have a sort of ringing in the ears thing going on because of my bronchitis... so we didn't enjoy it nearly as much as he did.
And my dear son Aiden managed to surprise me this morning. He was frustrated with Olivia, who was trying to steal his drink, and he went to hit her and he stopped. Then he said "Hands are for helping, not for hurting." After a second of stunned disbelief I praised the heck out of him and he told me he had learnt that at school! I was so impressed. Like I have mentioned before I REALLY love Aiden's teacher. She rocks.


Rachelle said…
That is the cutest thing ever,"hand are for helping, not for hurting" (and one every mom wants to hear)! And I love the bath pics of Olivia - she has a great smile.

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