Domestic Bliss

My sweet friend Becky brought me flowers yesterday. Aren't they beautiful? Thanks Becky, I love you!

I actually had two friends come over to visit yesterday. My friend Reanne came for tea while her daughter and my son were in pre-kindergarten. I even remebered to offer her tea! Actually... I offered Becky tea too... and she said yes.... and I brewed a pot of tea... and then forgot to give it to her. Sorry Becky.

I am NOT the worlds greatest hostess. Seriously. I don't know why I am challenged in this particular area but I am. For some reason I just seem to NOT THINK of offering people anything when they come to my house. Its not that I don't want them to have anything... I just forget to offer it. If they just got up and helped themselves that would be just fine with me. I wouldn't even flinch. But I know most people are unlikely to do that. So I'm trying... I'm working on my hostessing skills. Honest.

But I only have maybe 12 working brain cells these days so it is a long process.

And I have bronchitis. Again. I have asthma so this is a pretty regular occurrence for me. And at this point I LOVE having a fabulous small town doctor because all I had to do was call the office yesterday and say "I have bronchitis again" and my doctor called me back (which is amazing in and of itself) and said "ok, I called in a prescription for you. Come and see me if it doesn't go away." I didn't even have to go in. Which is wonderful because I really didn't want to drag 3 kids to the doctor's office.

So hopefully I will start feeling better soon. I called my mom this morning and begged for her help today. My house is literally disgusting. It's bad. I did NOTHING in the way of cleaning yesterday. The best I could do was feed and care for the basic necessities of my children. The rest got left... in fester.

And since it is Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend there is no school today. And Olivia is sick still. And I still feel gross. So it seems unlikely that I will manage to create domestic bliss in my home today.

On a completely different note my friend Amanda is a young mom and pastor's wife and she has been getting HORRIBLE nasty comments from some anonymous person on her blog for months and she is finding it pretty discouraging... so feel free to stop over to her blog and give her some NICE positive comments.


Jinny and Colin said…
If it makes you feel any better, I too ALWAYS forget to offer guests drinks or food or whatever. I think we're just special that way.
I hope you get better this weekend! Love and hugs to the family :)
Nan said…
Oh I am the worst about remembering to offer drinks! It's awful! And I too have boiled water and forgotten. I'll save my butt by saying that the reason I am so forgetful about these things is that I am just so happy to see the person, to sit and chat with them and I so easily get carried away listening and talking. So I suppose if one is to fail as a hostess, it's best to do it because one is so engaged with the guest and not because they are ignoring them! :^D

But I did have someone here on Tuesday and I *did* remember to offer *and* make tea!! :^D
Amanda Franks said…
You are the sweetest!
Debbie said…
Hope you are feeling better soon. I also have asthma and get sick often with bronchitis. I will keep you in my prayers.


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