Oh people. I really don't know what to do for my son to help him do better at school. Today was another rough day for Aiden... and his teacher. Today he tried to run away from school again but his teacher managed to catch him. He also called her stupid and a jerk. I guess the whole day was like that. I feel really bad for Aiden and REALLY bad for his teacher.

I don't know what to do.


Anonymous said…
I just wanted to apologize to you for the discouraging comments I made about you on Supermom's blog. They were made with a heart of condemnation and not one of love. My motives were wrong. Please forgive me.
Just Me said…
Hey Tara....a couple of things come to mind for Aiden - one spiritual and one natural. First...most of us never think in terms of our kids having and functioning in their gifts. The problem is, their 'gifts' are 'on' even if they don't know how to operate them. So...I say all that to say this: IF your son is a burden bearer ( and the turkey story made me sit up and take notice)..it could be that you need to pray over him each day before Kindergarten, that God would help 'dial his gift down' and that Aiden would only sense and feel at school, what God wants him to sense or feel. If he's a burden bearer, he could be 'picking' everyone's 'feelings' around him- anxiety, frustration, fear etc.- and not know how to process them.Then when he gets home..make sure you 'wash him off' - but just spiritually. Pray for all the 'effects' from the day, to be lifted off his spirt and emotions and for God make him feel 'fresh and clean' - like he's had a 'God-shower'. I teach this with my Sunday School,a nd it's been awesome
Second..the natural stuff. Go into my side bar, and read Xanagelle's blog. Her little guy was struggling with school..and she got him tested for food allergies by a naturapath and the difference in that kid is AMAZING!! ( Plus they pray over him too, because he's also a burden bearer - he can walk in a room and pick up all the 'feelings' floating around..and then own them!!)..If you send Xangelle a comment - she can share the process with you. Might be worth a shot!
And how are you doing after the last couple of weeks??
Sisterlisa said…
Tara, could it be that he senses what you're going through and doesn't know how to respond with his own feelings?

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