10 - 20 - 30 Virus

I saw this over on Judy's blog and thought I would give it a try.

What were you doing 10, 20 and 30 years ago?

10 years ago- In 1997 I worked in a rose plant packaging factory in BC for several months where I got to know the most fascinating group of ladies. I had not yet met my husband and I was finishing up a rather long relationship with a young man I had met at Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre. I also worked at Camp Caroline in Alberta for the summer, then I returned to Canadian Bible College for the start of my second year of my Bachelor's of Religious Education. That is when I first met, and began dating my husband. I lived in "the 4-plex" student residence and I weighed at LEAST 30 pounds less than I do now and my hair was naturally blonde. As I recall I really enjoyed the last half of 1997.

20 years ago- In 1987 I finished up grade 6 at Sweet Grass Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta with two of the BEST teachers I ever had- Ms. McLean and Mrs. Smith, went to Camp Nakamun as a camper, started Junior High School at Vernon Barford Junior High in Edmonton and began several years of extreme self-consciousness. I really hated junior high. This was also when I started wearing big bangs, blue eyeshadow and tight jeans. I was so cool. Grade seven was my first dance and I recall being terribly embarrassed and wishing I could just disappear into the gym wall. Actually, I think I DID hide in the bathroom for awhile. I gave my first speech and passed out cold from nerves. It was on October 31, 1987, Halloween. I was dressed as a bride for my costume. I got to sit in a chair for the rest of my speech. I was horrified. My mom and I lived in an apartment and we got along very well (for the most part). I was asked out for the first time. I tried to say no by lying and saying my mom had a rule that I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16 (I didn't have this rule but I had heard about it before). So the boy came over to my house one evening and ASKED my MOM's permission to date me. She was so impressed with him that she said YES! I was so mad. Then that same boy and his best friend ran away from home and slept outside my window one night. I didn't know they were there. They both wanted to date me and had written me love poems to try and sway me in their favour. I was horrified. I thought they were both insane. Boys were so confusing. I was also kissed for the first time during a game of truth or dare. I was so embarrassed. Those wretched grade 7 boys snapped my training bra (that I really didn't need) so many times it broke. I was, again, horrified. The girl I shared my locker with brought alcohol to school and got caught and asked me to lie for her. I tried valiantly to lie for her so she wouldn't get in trouble but we managed to tell completely different lies to the principal. The principal said to me "Ok Tara, you can stop lying to me now. I know that you are trying to protect your friend but it isn't working". I never was a good lier. I got a detention. She got suspended. Ah, good times.

30 years ago- In 1977 I was 1 year old. I have no idea where we were living at that time (we moved really a lot). Probably White Rock, BC or maybe Crescent Beach, BC. I lived with my mom. That's it. From what I have been told I was very happy and very well loved and clothed in a whole lot of polyester pant suit type outfits. I had no hair yet. I really loved playing with my black baby doll. If I am correct my childhood best friend Tinuviel was born that year too. We were inseperable for many years. She is my longest lasting friend. We still talk when we get the chance. She lives in Arizona now though and that is very far away from northeast Saskatchewan.


Bebemiqui said…
Tara, head over to http://www.achildchosen.com/
You won the book!!
Judy said…
Oh, you did it! How fun!

It sort of scares me to know that I could do 40 too.

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