What you've always wanted to know

My brain is too... um... tired to fully articulate things tonight so here are a few interesting tidbits for you all...

1. Aiden tried to run away from Awana (kid's club at church) again tonight. He was unsuccessful. I am really hoping he doesn't try to run away from school again tomorrow. I really really really wish Aiden enjoyed school more. It makes me feel sick to think of how hard it has been for him. And his teacher. Whom I adore by the way. I can't imagine trying to do this with a teacher I didn't know.

2. According to the other moms at Awana Olivia might have the chicken pox. Perfect. And she still hasn't gotten any teeth. But don't worry, she can bite pretty hard even without teeth. Trust me. I know.

3. There is an outbreak of lice at my sons' school and I am desperately praying that they will not get it. I just really don't want to do that much extra laundry.

4. I am almost done gathering all the paperwork for the accursed revenue Canada auditors. I am only waiting for one more thing from our insurance company. They told me they would phone me tomorrow morning. We'll see.

5. Our cat Shadow is living up to his name. He has become like a shadow to us. He followed us to school today (as he has done several days in a row now). Then he followed us to the church tonight. Then he sat on the hood of a car staring in my husband's office window looking for us. Then he waited for us to be done at the church and followed us home again. He is a fascinating cat.

6. Aiden and Owen have never (to my knowledge) had chicken pox which means that if Olivia really does have chicken pox then my boys will also get it. I am not looking forward to that. Plus they both still have pretty bad colds. I predict that they will just start to get over their colds and then they will break out in a horrendous itchy chicken poxy rash. And yes, I know chicken poxy isn't a real word.

7. Owen has done AWESOME giving up his soother. And Owen has adjusted fabulously to pre-kindergarten. And Awana. He is just generally doing really great. Except for the whining. Why is it that kids have to whine? And he can be really loud. I mean REALLY loud. My mom says that I was really loud so it is my just dues. I disagree. My mom only had me. I have 3 kids. Owen is constantly waking up Olivia. He just can't contain his enthusiasm it seems.

8. Owen's birthday is in 2 weeks and I haven't planned a party for him yet. I asked him what the names of his friends at school were and he said "I don't know. Just kids. I only know my teachers names." Perfect.

9. I watched Dr. Phil today... well, I sort of watched Dr. Phil in between looking after my kids... and he was talking about parenting mistakes. I am really hoping it isn't entirely my fault that Aiden has such a hard time adjusting to change. But as far as I can tell it is usually the parents fault. Sigh.

10. We are almost entirely out of food. We really need to go grocery shopping.

There you have it folks. Wasn't that fascinating?

I'm going to bed now.


Judy said…
Oh, Tara. I'm just catching up on your blog.

Aiden walked home from kindergarten? Um. Yes. I am the praying kind and I will most definately be praying for your boy!

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