I have a sore throat

Well... it has finally happened. My lack of sleep has officially caught up with me and body is refusing to go on. I am getting sick. My throat hurts. My head still hurts. My body aches. My nose is sniffly. I'm not enjoying it.

I don't really have time to get sick.

And it's not like being sick will get me any more rest than normal. My life still carries on as it did before... still just as much to do in a day... just even LESS energy than I had before (if that is even possible) to do it with.

Aiden is also sick.

And Owen is sick.

Olivia has a sniffly nose but so far that is it. She must not get sick. I really don't want THREE sick children while I am sick. And my husband must stay well. Sick husbands are a misery at the best of times, never mind when I am feeling this crappy.

On the up side I have just returned from a baby shower where I enjoyed visiting with some of my friends. And Olivia was adorable (as usual) and so good.

Church this morning went reasonably well too. Except for Aiden. He has continued his miserable state of being from Friday. This morning he ran through the sanctuary, all the way around the pews to the front of the church, yelling "look at me". I didnt' enjoy that.

I also didn't enjoy him calling me a diaper head once I finally caught him.

My kid really has some serious anger issues the past couple days. I know it is because of his rough adjustment to school but it sure is exhausting.

Owen decided that today was the day he wanted to trade me his very last suckie (soother) for his new toy- a lightning McQueen talking flying car thingy.

I'm glad he has decided to do it. But I am not looking forward to tonight.

Those of you who are the praying types please feel free to pray for my son Aiden. He is a wonderful kid who happens to be highly sensitive and a tad on the explosive side. Pray that he adjusts to school and pray that we parent him the way God wants us to. And that we don't go crazy.


Bebemiqui said…
It shocks me sometimes how extreme our munchkins emotions can be. Ruth had to switch k-garten teachers last week and it was hell on earth. Who knew change could produce such rage. I hear ya girl!
P.S. I love that you post so much :0)
Jinny and Colin said…
Were you confused when I said I loved your most recent post?...I'm glad I clarified that it was the Kisses one cause this one isn't funny like that last one, and that would make me a weirdo if I found joy in your misery. I hope you guys all get better soon, we'll be praying for you. We'll also be praying for the Last Suckie this evening, and for Aiden.

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