This will look nice.

So as it turns out it won't really matter WHAT my kids wear to the family picture tomorrow. My poor son Aiden bailed on his bike this afternoon and scraped up his face and cut his lip. We spent an hour or so in our little town hospital to make sure he didn't need stitches and so I could let the nurse dig out the gravel embedded in his face. Poor kid. He was so good at the hospital. I could tell he was in pain and his little lip kept quivering but he did everything the nurse asked him to do. He was very brave. And as soon as they left him alone he fell fast asleep on the examination table. Traumatic experiences can really wear you out! I think he will look very handsome in our church family pictorial directory. Typical isn't it? Of COURSE he would have an accident the day before pictures. I can only hope it heals before his school pictures in a few weeks. Sigh.

At least now I can let the kids choose their own clothes and not worry about it. We'll just have a character picture. We are characters after all.


Carolynn said…
That looks so painful!! OUCH!
J & A said…
Oh... he did a good job at it hey! It really looks like it hurts!!!
debrowns said…
This may not be great for your photo but guaranteed he'll be proud of that one some day.


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