Six Minutes does NOT count as a legitimate nap


It took me over an hour to get Olivia to sleep this afternoon because her teeth are driving her crazy. She was overtired and instead of nursing herself to sleep wanted to use my nipples as a teether. Lucky me.

So after a rather uncomfortable HOUR I managed to lay her down and she STAYED asleep... miraculously.

She was asleep for SIX minutes when Owen realized he had left his Lightning McQueen car in the room and ran with all the grace of a baby elephant into the room where my daughter had been asleep for SIX whole minutes. Of course he woke her thoroughly up. I was NOT impressed.

Seriously. What is the deal with my sons waking up my daughter? And how am I supposed to get anything done with three kids pestering me constantly? I don't know how all you super-moms out there do it.

Here is just a PARTIAL list of all the things I need to accomplish in the next day or so...
1. Clean my kitchen (for the millionth useless time).
2. Finish my laundry from last week so I can immediately start on the laundry from this week.
3. Vacuum my floors again so that Olivia stops picking up tiny bits of miscellaneous garbage and eating it.
4. Replant a plant I have in my planter outside because my son dropped it and broke the pot and I had no other dirt so I planted it in my planter so it wouldn't die and then it frosted here last night and so it might die anyway and I still don't have a pot and dirt for it. Although my husband says I do somewhere. But I don't know where.
Perhaps I'll just let it die.
5. Put Olivia's room back together.
6. Find the elusive letter for the cursed Revenue Canada creeps who are auditing me.
7. Plan my children's church lesson for the start of preschool children's church this Sunday morning.
8. Finish cutting out the unbelievably annoying flannel graph pieces.
9. Remove the containers of rotting food from the back of my refrigerator.
10. Sneak my sons "blankie" away from him without him noticing so I can wash the unpleasant aroma of urine out of it.
11. Wean Owen from his beloved "suckie" (soother)
12. Start planning Owen's birthday party.
13. Order Owen's birthday present from the Sears catalogue so that it gets here in time.
14. Feed, comfort, entertain, nurture, read to, play with, and generally cater to three unbelievably demanding dictators.

And of COURSE it is the weekend. I HATE the weekend. I know, that sounds crazy. But I really do. My husband is basically useless on the home front on the weekends. He has work during the day on Friday, he runs youth group Friday night, then he works again usually late into the night Friday night. Is useless Saturday morning because he is so tired. Works again Saturday night. Preaches and does church Sunday morning. This week we have a church social thingy Sunday afternoon. Then he collapses in exhaustion for his day off on Monday.

The tragic part is that all three kids are home all weekend long. No school. So not only do I have the three dictators I ALSO have their exhausted father.


Can you tell I am feeling a tad on the overwhelmed side today?


Geegee said…
I totally understand...well, actually I partially understand as I only have one child and think that you are a SUPER MOM for having three (every day!). Ava has been sick this week and is not sleeping at all. She wasn't napping and sleepy maybe three hours at night. She was miserable and nothing seemed to make her feel better. She is starting to improve but now I am sick and have no motivation or energy to complete even the simpliest tasks. On top of that all, I have decided for some ridiculous reason to take a class with Dave this semester so instead of relaxing in any possible spare time, I am studying and trying to finish my assignments. PLUS, the class is costing me $900 so I want to do well......thanks for letting me rant. Thanks for having such a REAL blog that I can relate to.
I was going to post a witty comment about how I can relate, but then I got stuck on when you said it FROSTED. Uh, WHAT? FROSTED????? It's still in the 90s here in Florida. Argh. You Canadians and your cold weather. I'm kinda jealous now. I won't be in a few months, but for now, I'm jealous.
Judy said…
Just do number 14.

It's the only one that really matters.

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