Run Away 5 Year Old

Yesterday we had quite the day. It was Doug's day off and my mom had the day off as well so we spent the day together. Aiden had school though and he seemed happy to be going in the morning. But then he RAN AWAY from the school during his lunch break! He managed to run all the way home. I was out but luckily Doug was home. All of a sudden Aiden walks into the living room! Now, we only live a block or so from the school but still. So Doug walked him back to school and talked to his teacher (who was also horrified). This morning I talked to the principle and she said we could all work together to "help Aiden not make that choice again".

Seriously, the thought of my son being able to run away from school gives me heart failure.

The school does have a supervisor for the kindergarteners and grade one kids but they didn't even notice that Aiden had gone anywhere!

When we talked to Aiden about it he said that he waited for the cars and he knew where his house was! He missed us and wanted to go home. So he did.

He clearly doesn't care that it is against the rules.



Just Me said…
Wow..that would be really scarey, but your little guy sounds like he's very responsible and CONFIDENT - that's a testimony to you!

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