The return of TV

Oh people. I have joy.

All of my favourite TV shows are coming back. It is season premiere time.

Except Gilmore Girls. Which is a tragedy in my opinion.

But honestly. I love TV. I love it.

Sigh. I'm just so happy.


Angie said…
Yipee Skippy!!!!!! I LOVE fall TV season! I'm a total TiVo queen (one of my email addresses is TiVoMama) and even put my fave old shows and new ones I want to see in my calendar. The next two weeks after this are huge!
Glad I found you as a partner in TV watching. :)
Jinny and Colin said…
You are too cute. But I agree. Yay for good TV coming back. I'm excited for the show Heroes to come back's so great. oh dear, Liam just spit up like an 1/8 cup (I swear) all over himself..doh. Yay Babies!!!!
Bebemiqui said…
Yes, Heroes! What shows are you waiting for?

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