The Random Musings of a Woman with a Migraine

Aiden did great on his first day of school. Here he is playing in his classroom. His teacher told me he had a couple breakdowns- especially over leaving his school shoes at school (he had issues with that in pre-kindergarten last year too). He also was sad to leave a stuffed toy he had made friends with. When I asked him if he made any friends he told me "no, not with anybody. Only girls.". Hmmm.

When he got home he was SUPER grumpy. And has stayed that way all weekend. I am blaming being over tired and all the change. He hates changes.

I have a migraine.

And I am easily annoyed today.

I finally gave Olivia some tylenol to help with the never-ending teething. It seems to have helped somewhat. But unlike lots of other kids MY children do NOT get tired from Tylenol. It wakes them up. This is not helpful to me.

I did laundry all day yesterday and didn't even get through half my pile.

Olivia started choking on a piece of flannel graph this morning. I have been cutting out pieces of flannel graph to use in children's church. It takes FOREVER to cut those stupid things out. They really should come pre-cut. And to top it off I have tendinitis in my hand and arm and so now I am in a ton of pain from cutting. Stupid flannel graph.

I tried to take a nap with Olivia this afternoon but my headache was so bad that it kept me up. That sucked.

Can you tell I am in a very positive mood right now?

And it is now 9:42 pm and Olivia is still awake. Owen is still awake (but lying in his bed... where he has been for over an hour... awake...) because he fell asleep watching TV this afternoon. Aiden is sleeping. I wish I was sleeping.

Awana kids clubs start this week at our church. We also have an appointment to get a family picture taken for our church directory. I couldn't find dress up outfits for my boys so everyone gets to wear jeans for the picture. Oh well. I suppose I shouldn't try too hard to make us look like something we aren't anyway! Everyone knows us. No one will be fooled.

I talked to my dear friend Shoz on the phone tonight. She lives in beautiful BC so I don't see her very often. This is a picture of her last time she came to visit- the week before Olivia was born.


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