Peter Pan

My sons are OBSESSED with the Disney Peter Pan movie. Now, I'm sure I watched this movie at some point in my childhood but I definitely did NOT remember the details. It is BY FAR one of the most politically incorrect Disney movies I have ever seen. Seriously. It's bad. I am sure it offends many people on a very regular basis.

Unfortunately I wasn't really paying attention to it the first few times my sons watched it. I mean really, I thought "It's Peter Pan, how bad can it be? It's a classic." So by the time I paid attention long enough to notice that it is BRUTAL it was too late. My sons had it practically memorized.

Now, don't get me wrong, it is a fun movie in many ways. And it is not ALL bad. There are lots of enjoyable parts to it. But it is set in a time period where people were very insensitive to First Nations peoples in particular. It is simply not ok to use phrases like "Injuns" anymore.

So now every time my kids watch Peter Pan I try and explain to them that the movie is pretend and we are not allowed to talk like that. It is working very well I must say.

Here is an actual conversation I just heard:

Owen: "Let's play Peter Pan"
Aiden: "Ok. You be Captain Hook"
Owen: "Ok" (runs to grab a plastic hanger to use as the hook)
Aiden: "I'll be Tinkerbell"
Owen: "OK. You can fly"
Aiden: (while jumping on the bed) "My guy has a lightsaver (light saber)"
Me: "Tinkerbell has a light saber?"
Aiden: "Yep. And your bed is Captain Hook's ship. You can be a lost boy mommy"
Me: "Ok. But I don't want to jump on my bed"
Owen: "That's ok mommy. You're too big to jump anyway."

Yep. I am. Good to know he's noticed.

True story...

The other day when we got our pictures taken we had to look at them and choose poses we liked. So the lady brings up the pictures of us on her computer. I look at them and I think "Wow. I look really fat in these pictures."....

Insert pause while looking at more pictures.

"Oh right" I think to myself "I AM fat". I had forgotten that for a minute.

Gotta love child bearing.


the Doug said…
You're not fat dear.
Just Me said…
Now THAT is a sweet comment!

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